Thursday, February 5, 2009

Major US news media avoid these too

"Why Did This Happen?" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, raises the kind of questions that are either falsely premised or omitted by the editors of statist news media (MSM) and their so-called experts.
How did America in the twenty-first century end up with a government that is so highly centralized that the president alone can order the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars without the consent of Congress, let alone the public? How did we end up with a government that creates severe economic hardship for average citizens while showering big, politically-connected businesses with literally trillions of dollars in "bailout" money? Is this the real purpose of the Fed, as opposed to all of its happy talk about its supposed duty to "stabilize" the economy? And why is it that the Constitution is completely ignored, if not ridiculed, by the same Washington politicians who all that take an oath to defend the Constitution?

How did the federal judiciary become mere accomplices in our government-for-the-privileged-only "democracy" that routinely tells citizens to get lost whenever they inquire about how their tax dollars are being spent? And is it really desirable to have over half of the entire adult population "on the government dole" in one form or another so that they never oppose an expansion of the state for fear of losing their own subsidies? How and when was this system created?

Honest and root-striking research begets irrefutable answers, which the welfare-warfare state and its media, for their lives, must avoid like the Black Death.

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