Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Terrorists Have Begun Their 'Ground Invasion' of Gaza

The führers have given the order: the second part of their Final Solution for the imprisoned, impoverished, carpet-bombed, and practically defenseless population of Gaza is underway. Here's hoping the Palestinian Resistance fighters have night vision equipment and excellent anti-Nazi weaponry. It's gonna be nearly impossible to repel the Blitzkrieg without it. If you're a religious person, pray for the people of Gaza. If you're not a religious person, then hope beyond all hope that the terrorist invaders don't succeed.


  1. “You must be kidding me. 22 Arab muslim states. 1 tiny Jewish state. You could have had a state next to Israel in 48 but rejected that and chose war. Israel left Gaza four years ago, you could have had peace bu elected Hamas. Now you pay for your choices.

  2. How fitting. You managed to paraphrase both the Hasbara Handbook and Adolf Hitler within the same paragraph. Bravo. (What else is new?)