Thursday, January 1, 2009

More AP Nastiness on the Gaza Massacre

Ah, the fun never ends for the cookie-cutters at the editorial desk of the W. Jerusalem bureau. But you know what? Why should they have all the fun? Let's have a little fun of our own, shall we? The following excerpts come from today's AP release titled "Israel kills top Hamas figure, escalating campaign."

Can you spot the omission of moral indignation and legal ramifications?

Israel assassinated a Hamas strongman Thursday . . . The airstrike targeted the eight-story apartment building that was home to Nizar Rayan, 52, ranked among Hamas' top five decision-makers in Gaza. The attack killed 12 other people including two of Rayan's four wives and four of his 12 children, Palestinian health officials said.

Can you spot the disengenuous, Arab- and Muslim-marginalizing, shock-value inference?

The Muslim faith allows men to have up to four wives.

Can you spot the dishonest state-apologia and the egregious double standards?

The offensive is meant to crush Gaza militants who have been terrorizing southern Israel with rocket fire that is reaching closer to the country's heartland than ever before.

Can you spot the subtle assertion that Israeli officials are the rightful overlords of their Palestinian counterparts?

Hamas leaders went into hiding before Israel launched its operation, but Rayan was known for openly defying Israel.

No? Well then! You're a valued AP reader and a candidate for Good American of the week!

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Source of the Apartheid Propaganda: Emphasis added.

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