Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'Gaza: MSF increases its medical activities in wake of ceasefire'

By Staff ∙ Médicins Sans Frontières ∙ January 20, 2009

Click here to learn more and donate.The three MSF clinics are now open in the Gaza Strip and a surgical team is working in Al Shifa hospital, while a mobile hospital is being set up to focus on patients who need further surgical care.

A surgical team has been working in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City since 18th January. A vascular surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, an anesthetist and an operating room nurse have reinforced the medical staff who carried out close to 500 interventions during the three weeks of fighting. At least 40 percent of the injured required amputations.

Inflatable hospitals going up in Gaza City.

Two operating rooms and a ten-bed intensive care unit in two inflatable hospital tents are being placed close to MSF's post-op clinic in Gaza City and will be operational shortly. Drugs, surgical kits for 300 procedures and 100 hospitalisation kits arrived in Gaza City among a cargo freight of 21 tons of medical materials on 19th January.

Resuming full medical activities, cases expected to increase.

At the MSF post-operative clinic in Gaza City, medical staff treated 30 people on 19th January, a higher number than on previous days. The MSF clinic in the southern Gazan town of Khan Younis and the MSF pediatric clinic in the northern town of Beit Lahia have resumed their activities. Patient numbers are expected to increase as people slowly begin to move more freely in their neighbourhoods and seek out medical assistance.

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Nine more international staff are scheduled to arrive in Gaza tomorrow, to join the 70 Palestinian staff and 12 international staff in the MSF team. Additional MSF staff and materials will be positioned inside Gaza if necessary.

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