Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gaza Coup Continues

Click for full-sized image.Barely a day after the Terrorist State began a "unilateral" cessation of its latest convenient genocide in Gaza, acting Palestinian president, Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas, suddenly — unilaterallycalled for "unity" with rival party Hamas. So, after years of colluding with the Terrorist State against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, effectively preventing Palestinian self-determination, and refusing to be part of a government that houses Hamas, the man known as Khanzir Abu Mazen is now claiming readiness and willingness to reconcile. This, coming hot on the heels of his second major collusion in the Israeli-U.S. attempt to overthrow the democratically elected majority party of the Palestinian Parliament.

And why not? It's a win-win for the Führer of Fatah. If Hamas officials agree, he wins influence and power in Gaza, and gets laughingly but convincingly cast by the Israeli-centric media and so-called international community as some kind of hero; if Hamas officials refuse, they'll easily be labeled as the rejectionists. Either way, Hamas and their supporters will still be targeted by Israeli and Fatah terrorism, and the Israeli-centric media will continue designating Hamas as the "violent, extremist, Islamic, militant, Israeli-destruction-seeking, extremist, Islamic militant group."

Click for full-sized image.Fact is, this sudden call for unity by the "moderate" (i.e., Israel-serving) Palestinian leadership serves the Clean Break mafia's strategy for "securing the realm" — itself a part of the broader, historic, Zionist goal of wiping out any Palestinian resistance to Israeli domination and colonial expansion in the Levant. The 2005–7 economic sanctions and genocides, and June '07 military coup, didn't quite work; so the economic and military aggression was kicked up a few notches, deepening the humanitarian crises in Gaza, thus making it nearly impossible for Hamas to adequately provide social services. And when that didn't break the Palestinian people or greatly decrease Hamas' popularity, on came the latest convenient genocidal war of aggression, wherein the Terrorist State turned Gaza infrastructure to rubble and Gaza society back several hundred years. And gee, who could possibly be in a position to rebuild Gaza now? Who has access to hundreds of millions in U.S. taxpayer dollars, and hundreds of millions more in Gaza tax revenue stolen by Israel, to foot the bill? Not Hamas.

If the word unity ever meant anything in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories these past few years, it is that most Palestinians are unified in their disgust and rejection of the acting Palestinian president and his betrayals on behalf of the Zionist mass-murderers.

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