Sunday, December 21, 2008

Opinionated Press: Iranian dissidents are virtuous; their Iraqi counterparts, not

AP, on the charges being faced by Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist currently being detained for throwing his shoes at President Bush:

Iraq officials have recommended charging him with insulting a foreign leader, a charge which carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment or a small fine. [1]

AP, on a group that is supplicating the Iraqi government for his release:

The head of Jordan's Bar Association, Saleh Armouti, said scores of lawyers have volunteered to help defend al-Zeidi. The association is dominated by hard-line Muslims and leftists critical of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. [2]

AP, on the charges against an Iranian once imprisoned for fomenting insurrection:

[Taqi] Rahmani, 48, spent more than a third of his life in prison on vague charges of seeking to overthrow the ruling Islamic establishment. [3]

AP, on the leader of a group that is honoring him with an award several years after his release:

Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi . . . a lawyer and human rights and democracy campaigner, won the prize for efforts that included promoting the rights of women and children in Iran and worldwide. She is the first Iranian and Muslim woman to win the award. [4]

Let's review, shall we?

— The charges leveled by the neocon-Likudnik empire's chosen enemies (Iran) are "vague," and are thoroughly if implicity described as being tyrannical — the alleged perpetrator, wrongly accused.

Those individuals or groups challenging the alleged perpetrator's detainment and conviction have no ideologiccal distinction. In fact, they are humanitarian heroes. She won a human rights prize, ya know?

— Those charges leveled by the empire and its puppet governments are simply "charges," and that's that.

Those who challenge the alleged perpetrator's detainment and conviction are labeled for their perceived ideological dispositions: they are "dominated by hard-line Muslims and leftists critical of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion."

— The neocon-Likudnik-Iraqi-puppet charge of "insulting a foreign leader" is not even perceivably tyrannical or ridiculous, and it merely carries "a small fine," while the charge of "seeking to overthrow the ruling Islamic establishment" (in the AP editor's own words) is deserving of endless condemnation because it can carry a punishment of "more than a third of [one's] life in prison on vague charges."

Never mind that al-Zeidi has spent the last 5½ years (perhaps even much more than "a third of his life," if you include the 1991–2003 sanctions and bombings) cheating death under the carpet-bombing directed by Bush, the target of his flying shoes and insults. He is an unmarried 28-year-old — unmarried, most likely, due to the near impossibilty of nurturing a healthy and lasting relationship under the genocidal occupation and colonization of his country. That is, if he hadn't planned to marry at one point, only to have his Love murdered by the infallible liberators.

Perhaps AP should change its name to OP, for "Opinionated Press" — or EP, for "Editorializing Press." They can definitely jump in the lake for their unforgivable double standards, which are underpinned by an obvious loyalty to the neocon-Likudnik empire.

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