Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Latest from the U.S.-Subsidized Israeli Prison Camps, a.k.a, Palestine

By Various Sources ∙ The Internet ∙ December 20–22, 2008

[Looted U.S. taxpayer dollars at work, spreading "democracy and freedom." -dt]

Raising A Child Under the Siege
Ameera Ahmad, 25, gave birth to daughter Layan six months ago. Here, she tells of life under siege and of her struggle to bring up a child after 18 months of Israeli blockade.

While Pretending to Be the Victim, Israel Strangles Gaza to Near Death
Unfortunately, Israel is allowed to keep up starving and killing Gazans thanks to a hypocritical world whose leaders keep telling Israel that “it has the right to defend itself,” while utterly ignoring the fact that the Palestinians, too, have at least an equal right to life and human dignity. . . . Have they all succumbed to moral blindness and callousness in the face of an evil state that claims to be a light upon the nations while thinking, behaving and acting very much like the Third Reich? Well, shame on you all. History won’t be kind to you.

Gaza Near to Collapse As Israel Tightens Grip, Says Bank
Israel's blockade of Gaza is pushing the territory to the brink of collapse and fuelling the growth of a black money market controlled by Hamas, the World Bank warned yesterday.

Gaza: The Untold Story
The fact is that there is more to the Gaza Strip than 1.5 million hungry Palestinians, who are supposedly paying the price for Hamas’s militancy, or Israel’s ‘collective punishment’, whichever way the media decide to brand the problem.

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) amidst a Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip Due to the Closure

— 2 Palestinians, including a civilian were killed by IOF in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
— 10 Palestinian civilians were wounded by the IOF gunfire and 3 others by Israeli settlers in the West Bank.
— 4 activists of the Palestinian resistance and a woman were wounded by IOF in the Gaza Strip.
— IOF conducted 38 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and one into the Gaza Strip.
— IOF arrested 50 Palestinian civilians, including 14 children and a girl, in the West Bank, and 3 others, including 2 children, in the Gaza Strip.
— IOF transformed 8 houses in Hebron into military sites.
— IOF have continued to impose a total siege on the OPT and have isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.
— The Gaza Strip is suffering a serious humanitarian crisis due to the closure of border crossings.
— IOF troops positioned at military checkpoints in the West Bank arrested 6 Palestinian civilians, including a child.
— IOF have continued to take measures aiming at the Judaization of Jerusalem.
— IOF confiscated for the third time a tent belonging to the al-Kurd family whose house had been seized by IOF.
— IOF have continued settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.
— 17 Palestinian civilians, including 5 children, were injured.
— 4 houses were burnt and 5 cars were destroyed in Hebron

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