Thursday, December 11, 2008

CNN Coaxes Dinner Guest into Caldron

What does a high-dollar corporate-statist smear job look like? Watch this video:

To fully appreciate how CNN coaxed Peter Schiff — and more importantly, his anti-state philosophy — into the proverbial caldron, three things should be noted.

1. They sold their get-together as a hot tub party.

In one of the rarest of corporatist-media occurances, the host presented a forum for philosophical (not ideological, partisan, etc.) debate between someone (Schiff) who opposes federal intervention (bailouts, inflation, national debt) and Stephen Leeb, who promotes it. And for the first minute or so, it appears to be that way. But...

2. Once he had a leg in, they prodded the rest of him.

No sooner than the façade of root-level debate was put up were the red herrings, straw men, and tranference rolled out. Peter got barely a coherent thought in edgewise after his brief opening thesis. Meanwhile, Leeb, the overbearing chatterbox, linked an alleged nuclear threat from Iran to Peter's aversion to U.S. government theft and destruction, and basically accused Schiff of comparing Mugabe to Bush when he was merely pointing out that U.S. government and Federal Reserve policies have been taking us down the road to Zimbabwe-like economic serfdom. And it didn't help Peter's position that the host used the wrong language in forming questions, e.g., suggesting that Schiff opposes bailouts merely for the sake of being opposed to socialism, or that "the private markets failed" on their own. CNN literally sleazed Peter Schiff into a rhetorical gang tackle

3. Dinner's done. Time to enjoy the meal.

The segment ends abruptly with Leeb inverting reality, accusing Schiff of "contradicting himself." Remember: The host told us it was a serious philosophical debate. No superficial partisanshipor ideology. So, after what actually amounted to a monologue of state worship laced with a few drowned-out and ridiculed refutations, whom should the casual, undisciplined viewer (that is, most viewers) see as the "winner"? The guy who talked over and effectively belittled his opponent, preventing his opponent from stringing together a coherent response, of course.

But, unfortunately for CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Mafia, more folks every day are waking up to see that 2 + 2 can not actually be made to equal 5, even by fantastically innocuous government fiat.

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