Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can you guess who wrote this?

Can you guess who wrote the following?

The Bush administration simply wasn't willing to stand by and watch the American auto industry financially collapse — the stakes were too huge. So the administration committed Friday to step in and help avoid the collapse of the industry that was once the backbone of the nation's economy.

It looks like it came from an MSM pundit in favor of fascist nationalization of industry. It's the same opinion of the CEOs of the Big Three auto makers — that the entire industry will "collapse" as a result of government inaction (which is total BS).

But whose words are they?

Give up?

The Associated Press, of course! The "most trusted source of independent news and information" in the entire universe, don't ya know!

And in case you had any doubts as to AP's supreme knowledge on these matters:

Wall Street rebounded from an early sell-off Friday to finish in positive territory after word that the government would assist U.S. automakers. [This is exactly the fallacious stat AP kept pointing to after the Senate unconstitutionally passed the $700 billion bankster bailout in early October. How'd that one turn out for Wall Street?]

Hey! Bush should promise to prop up ALL failing industries! That way, the stock market will never, ever, ever have another bad day, and the "backbone of the nation's economy" — all of them — will never hunch over again!

But some assholes are standing in the way of our nationalist utopia, says AP. How dare they!

[A] $14 billion measure . . . passed the House on Wednesday but immediately ran into opposition from Senate Republicans who said it did not go far enough.

Thank God nobody was so heartless as to oppose the nationalization hook, line, and sinker!

The funny thing is, the report is titled "Administration unwilling to see automakers fail," as if they aren't already failures — as if allowing inept and inefficient businesses and CEOs to suffer the consequences of their own actions, by refusing to loot the rest of us, is something to be ashamed of. As if the U.S. Constitution gives the president, Congress, or any federal entity the authority to do any of this crap in the first place.

"Constitution? What's that?"

AP = Assisting Pillagers.

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