Saturday, December 27, 2008

At least 155 Palestinians dead as Israeli terrorists bomb Gaza

Some war-criminal politicians in Tel Aviv were lacking votes for the upcoming February elections, so they figured, "What the heck; let's murder some more Palestinians and call them all terrorists. That usually does the trick!"

And so around midday, Gaza time, using U.S. taxpayer-subsidized death-delivery systems, the terrorist state of Israel strafed the most densely populated territory on earth. Gaza is also one of the poorest, thanks to the genocidal Israeli-Egyptian-U.S. blockades, boycotts, sanctions, denial of travel, and tax revenue theft. But they had to be murdered, you see, because they refused to overthrow their Hamas leadership for the genocidal conditions being imposed on them by Israel.

Times Online UK reports:

Over 155 people are reported killed after Israel launched a series of air strikes against multiple targets in Gaza Strip.

Around 30 missiles destroyed security compounds run by the militant group Hamas in the centre of Gaza City, killing dozens and leaving many buried under the rubble.

More than 250 people have also been wounded in the attacks, said Gaza Health Ministry official Moawiya Hassanain.

The strikes came after the expiry of a truce with Hamas. Israel said they were launched in response to continued rocket fire by Palestinian militants against Israeli towns.

From which ZERO Israelis were killed or critically injured. And nobody is ethnic-cleansing and starving to death the population of Sderot or Ashkelon. Can't say the same for the fate of Gaza. Back to the report:

An Israeli military statement claimed the operation targeted “Hamas terror operatives” as well as training camps and weaponry storage warehouses.

BTW: Other sources are reporting that the Palestinian resistance fired back with with extra-large bottle rockets, killing one Israeli terrorist woman and injuring some other Israeli terrorists in surrounding Israeli terror camps.

Hamas immediately vowed to carry out revenge attacks on Israel. “Hamas will continue the resistance until the last drop of blood,” said the group’s spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, speaking on a Gaza radio station.

Israel told its civilians near Gaza to take cover, and moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for restraint.

That ought to get the "moderate" terror-thug some extra votes, too! He should be a politician in Israel!

The first round of airstrikes came just before noon, followed by several more waves of missiles. Dozens of security compounds were destroyed, claiming the life of Gaza police chief Major General Tawfiq Jaber.

The missiles struck as children were leaving school, leading to widespread confusion and panic.

Plumes of black smoke rose above Gaza City, as sirens wailed and mothers ran through the rubble searching desperately for their children.

Television footage showed Gaza City hospitals crowded with people and civilians transporting the wounded in their cars.

“We are treating people on the floor, in the corridors. We have no more space,” said one doctor at Gaza’s main Shifa Hospital.

Apparently, it's not enough that the terrorist state is starving and denying medical treatment to the Palestinian children of Gaza.

Apparently, the polls were showing that the so-called centrist parties in Israel weren't getting enough votes to defeat the allegedly more-hardlined Likud.

Well, that ought to do it.



  1. "Most of those killed were security men, but an unknown number of civilians were also among the dead."

    Did AP examine every charred and dead body to determine that most were security men?

  2. Until they get nominally corroborating figures of security personnel and non, neither AP nor any other news service should state it as fact that "most of those killed were security men." Credible sources (and if possible, those figures) should be cited.