Friday, November 7, 2008

Ron Paul & Neil Cavuto, Nailing Hides to Walls


An exchange (@ 00:52) on the carte blanche malfeasance of so-called rescues:

Cavuto: If you are going to do these bailouts or rescues, Congressman — and I'm against them — at least put some, ya know, sticking points in there, some provisos, some demands, that "I will give you this, but here's what you gotta do."

And we don't! We don't even do that!

It's almost as if we're the ones giving the money and we're ashamed to say, "Would you mind, um, doing this? You don't have to pay it back, but would you mind . . ."

And then they get insulted, and say, "No no no. No restrictions at all."

Paul: I don't usually think on terms of the conditions we give away money because I don't want to do it; but I think you're right, and I think your suggestion a few minutes ago was a very good suggestion! Why give it to the people who drove these companies into bankruptcy? I mean, everybody knows you have ups and downs; why don't you plan for a rainy day?

Cavuto: Well, I'll tell you this, Congressman. You would stop this running to the well if you told them you could run to the well, but you'd have to quit. You'd have to resign. You'd have to FIRE YOUR OWN ASS in order for us to bail you out.

Hear hear! But can you imagine Rangel, Dodd, Feinstein, McConnell, Reid, et al., pushing for the firing of the very CEOs who helped them get elected — the very ones who paid the lobbyists who in turn "lobbied" them for pet projects (e.g., bailouts, a.k.a., Mental Health Bill). Cavuto's admirable appeal is likely to never be considered, but just for skits and riddles, let's take it further. It'd be much cheaper for taxpayers and easier on the economy it would be if the "fire your own ass" standard applied equally to those self-enriching scoundrels in Congress and Treasury who are doling out the loot.

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