Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Chairmans Clothes? Somewhat Tattered

TruthRocker says:

Thought you might find the following interesting:

"On Monday, the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in Israel filed a petition to the Supreme Court asking it to rule on the issue, essentially forcing an overturn of the ban. "We believe the Israeli government has an obligation to keep the Gaza border open to international journalists," says Steven Gutkin, the FPA Chairman and Jerusalem bureau chief of Associated Press. "The foreign media serve as the world’s window into Gaza and it’s essential that we be allowed in."

Sure is one dirty window.

True. I'd concede journalistic integrity to Chairman/Chief Gutkin more regularly if only such apparent champions of journalistic freedom, in similar capacities, showed the same regard for the freedom and welfare of journalists and others in the West Bank these past decades. In other words, subtle criticism of failed and immoral Israeli and U.S. policies still being executed instead of subtle affirmation, and more than just an attempt to appear balanced. Look at McClatchy's investigative journalists: they're AP members; but they were also members of the team at Knight Ridder that uncovered much of the pre-invasion fraud. They even helped expose AP member NYT. Theirs is conscientious mainstream journalism (I can't believe I just wrote that). They're relegated to the blogs, but they don't have to be. If Gutkin and other individuals of even higher status within the corporatist news media would simply stand up to the state-military censors and those of their central editorial management, others would follow. And if the brave ones get fired, well, they stood on principle, which means a lot to other outlets willing to pay market rate or better for their skills and ethics. AP would thrive if they would only refuse to capitulate to occupying militaries, governments, and corporate interests. There are enough independent sites and individuals who would begin conracting AP, lessening the need for advertising revenues and other corporate connections to the hip. Unfortunately, Gutkin & Co., unlike most others, must work amongt the most psychopathic army in the world; economies are awful; and the CEOs, politicians, bankers, and the like who mostly made things thus, are not beholden to American ways of defending life, liberty, and property from the tyranny and violence of the central government. The State is their cash cow; it sustains and enriches their existence. But I digress, and depress, again. One thing you can count on is that the next Israeli aggression on Gaza or the West Bank will have its cake and eat it. If AP is critical of the next "security operation," it'll be because it has this journalistic-freedom chip on its shoulder. And if AP remains a total lapdog, well, it's status quo. No harm done to the State and nothing new under the sun. Interesting indeed, Rocker. Recall that lately, AP's Jerusalem bureau is quoting top Israeli leaders as they scold AP (i.e., Gutkin and his W. Jerusalem staff) for its allegedly anti-Israeli slant as of late. (I hope none of you were eating or drinking when you read that.) Steve Gutkin, for all the criticism DetainThis levels against his and his team's reportage (and, putting aside that two AP staffers have been in Gaza since the seige upkick), well, he has a pair. Inconsistent moral standard or not, all for show or not, it took some level of courage to say that publicly, considering he works amongst the Israeli settlerists in the West Bank. He lives either there or in pre-'67 Israel.

See TruthRocker dismantle an MSM Dempublicrock over his unforgivable snub of the only true and consistent champion of liberty and Republicanism in D.C.

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