Friday, October 17, 2008

'The Wilderness March of the Kooks Begins'

By Burkeman1 ∙ The Daily Burkeman ∙ October 16, 2008

The Daily BurkemanThe past couple of weeks have been revealing. What I and the other contributors to this blog have said repeatedly over the past several years became self evident:

That namely- the GOP is dominated by Kooks. Nasty, small minded, mean spirited, insular, cowardly, and ignorant- grade A chuck Kooks.

Holding monkey dolls as representations of Obama. Grown men almost coming to tears as they relay in front of millions how they fear for their childrens' lives if Obama is elected and that he is an "Arab" who will make them pray to Mecca and unleash machete wielding blacks upon them and their families.

Screaming "Terrorist" and "Kill him" at the mention of "Black" Obama's name and then shouting down their own candidate as he tries in vain to defend Obama's character from his own crowds of evil Jeff Foxworthy-like hayseeds.

These people are the heart and soul of today's GOP. Dopes. The rise of the independent reichwing media in this country is now turning out to be the source of their own undoing. For years the party faithful- the hardcore 25 percenters of Bush Idolaters- have isolated themselves in air tight echo chambers with Fox News blasting 24/7 while viciously policing among themselves what sources of information are ideologically correct and free of the taint of "liberal bias."

And what has been the result of this voluntary isolation? They have no idea how to act or behave among normal non Kook Americans.

They have no idea what concerns non Kook America. They have no idea what is or is not appropriate behavior in Non Kook America. The hard core Kooks of the GOP look like aliens to the rest of the country.

But what should we expect from a bunch of people who actually worry about the "threat" from Islam? I mean really?

These Kooks have no idea what is going on. They are babbling about ACORN. Non Kooks don't care. They go on and on about Ayers. Non Kooks don't want to bring up Vietnam again and don't think people who oppossed that war were "Traitors" like the Kooks do.

Even more laughably they talk about the "Marxist Obama" as their Dear leader nationalizes the entire financial system.

I have written that the "conservatism" of the GOP is really a sort of thinly veiled fascism- and have called them "Reichwingers" rather than right wingers. Well, actually- they are more like "White Wingers." These people have no idea what Marxism is and they don't care. They just throw that word around against their TRIBAL enemies. And that is what is at the heart of the KOOK GOP today- tribalism.

They don't hate Obama for the tiny differences he has with McCain. They hate him because they know he will throw more goodies to other federal tribes than to theirs.

I have long said that the takeover of the GOP by Neocons and these rapture nutting Kook White Wingers would discredit the very word "conservative" in this country for generations and we are just seeing the start of it now.

Scott McConnell once said of the Bush regime and those who supported them- that it was as if a group of Left wingers had taken over the GOP and proceeded to go about confirming every moron stereotype of the knuckle dragging, warmongering, hyper nationalist, rapacious country club parasite Republican that ever existed.

Well if that is true- they have succeeded. "Conservatism" is just beginning its multi generational trip from the orbit of the American intelligentsia and polite company.

"Conservatism" as a rump ideology will be dominated for 25 years or more by the core of Kooks yelling for Black Obama's blood at McCain rallies. They will be writing tortured defenses of torture and kidnapping. Apologias for war criminals. Bore everyone around them with twisted revisionist tales about the WMD. They won't let go of Bush or retreat on iota from their Kookdom. Is it too much to speculate that Bush supporters and Lyndon Larouche-ites will share the same short bus?

So thanks Kooks. Thanks for totally discrediting all legitimate conservative thought with your White Winging rapture nutting fascist Kookery. Thanks for also pretty much associating the concept of "free markets" with rank thievery and chicanery and corruption.

Great Job Kooks! Give yourself a hand!

Clap Clap Clap. Chirp.

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