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Roundup: News and Commentary on Russia-Georgia

By Editorial Staff ∙ ThePeoplesVoice ∙ August 15, 2008

Russia the bad guys? Who are the West trying to kid?
The many Georgians who had counted on more timely and robust assistance from their US protector surely laughed a bitter laugh. But there were signs, with the arrival of the US Secretary of State in Georgia, that this version was gaining hold. The story of this war, it seems, will be that the US faced down a snarling, expansionist Russia, and forced it to limp back to its lair. This is a travesty. But it is only the latest and most glaring in a series of Western misrepresentations and misreadings of Russian intentions throughout this sorry episode. They began with the repeated references to Russian "aggression" and "invasion", continued through charges of intended "regime change", and culminated in alarmist reports about Russian efforts to bomb the east-west energy pipeline. None of this, not one bit of it, is true.

‘Not enough coffins’ as rescuers restore war-torn capital
Russian rescuers are continuing to recover bodies from underneath the debris in the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali – with many being buried in backyards without coffins. Doctors are working around the clock in mobile hospitals to care for the hundreds of injured people. Over 1700 Russian emergency workers are helping civilians recover from the [Georgian] bombardment of the South Ossetian capital. The scale of devastation in Tskhinvali is enormous, but the focus remains on the rescue and recovery operations. The Guardian: 'I've never heard anything so monstrous as people shelling a hospital'.

The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV (VIDEO)
The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV. A reporter makes a comparison to the US reaction to 911 to Russia's reaction to Georgian attacks and the satellite feed drops off in the middle of his question. TV is censored every day and every hour but sometimes the censorship is plain to see. You Tube: American Citizens Caught in Georgia During the Attack Speak The Truth. Watch the Reaction of FOX. Online Journal: All the propaganda that's fit to print: The New York Times, again, tells it like it ain’t.

Saakashvili Defends the “New World Order” On Glenn Beck (VIDEO)
At one minute, five seconds into the clip here from Glenn Beck’s neocon propaganda hour, we hear the sock puppet Saakashvili make reference to the New World Order. According to Saakashvili, he is not concerned so much for his own personal safety, he is more worried about the “region,” in other words the little globalist and NATO fiefdoms carved out of the corpse of the former Soviet Union, only the latest additions to the New World Order. The Saker: Fox TV: "Irregular, undisciplined, angry and humilited Georgian force" (Video). AntiWar: Mikhail Saakashvili: War Criminal -A politician's hubris causes untold human suffering.

The sheer hypocrisy of Bush and Rice
Were it not for the unadulterated arrogance of George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice, their sheer hypocrisy would be laughable, yet due to their brazen intrusiveness and insolence, their very presence rankles, their words grate in the ears. Their messages cannot go unanswered.

US rules out military role in Georgia
Washington last night ruled out using military force in Georgia after putting the Pentagon in charge of the delivery of aid to the invaded Black Sea state and US non-combat troops on the ground. Robert Gates, the defence secretary, said he saw no prospect of the US engaging militarily in the Caucasus conflict, but warned that Russia's invasion of Georgia could set back its relations with the west for years. McClatchy: Did Bush speak too soon about U.S. Navy aiding Georgia?

August 14

This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression
The outcome of six grim days of bloodshed in the Caucasus has triggered an outpouring of the most nauseating hypocrisy from western politicians and their captive media. As talking heads thundered against Russian imperialism and brutal disproportionality, US vice-president Dick Cheney, faithfully echoed by Gordon Brown and David Miliband, declared that "Russian aggression must not go unanswered". George Bush denounced Russia for having "invaded a sovereign neighbouring state" and threatening "a democratic government". Such an action, he insisted, "is unacceptable in the 21st century". Georgia 'still receives Israeli arms'.

Bush dispatches US military forces to Georgia
In a major escalation of the conflict with Russia over Georgia, President George W. Bush on Wednesday announced a “vigorous and ongoing” deployment of US military forces to its key ally in the Caucasus. Bush appeared in the White House Rose Garden for the second time in three days, this time flanked by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and announced the military buildup, casting it as a humanitarian relief operation. Online Journal: Set-up complete: Georgia the new Vietnam.

Russia defends control over Georgian enclaves
President Dmitri Medvedev of Russia said Thursday that Russia would act as an international guarantor of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the two pro-Russian enclaves at the center of the crisis that have long desired separation from Georgia. Russia Today: Medvedev: We will back any decision of Abkhazian and Ossetian people. PressTV: Russia: Kiss South Ossetia goodbye!

Lavrov to Washington: Either Russia or Georgia
Georgian forces have retaken control of the Georgian city of Gori as the Russian military withdrew, Interior Ministry Spokesman Shota Utiashvili said Thursday. "The Russians have started to withdraw, the Georgian police and special forces are taking control," he said. Meanwhile, Russian investigators said they had opened a probe into whether Georgian forces committed genocide in their attack last week on the rebel South Ossetia region, RIA Novosti news agency reported. Russia Today: Russian army hand Gori to Georgian police.

It's All About The Ukraine (Khazaria)
Everything which transpired over the last week has been about one issue, and one issue only: the Ukraine. Russia will never let the Ukraine join NATO. Not now, especially as they have the power and the means and quite clearly the will to thwart its accession. Why is Ukraine important? A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine

Nuclear war by miscalculation (VIDEO)

Russia went into Georgia to essentially deliver a message. There are more than 1,000 US military special forces in Georgia doing exercising, training Georgian troops, before Georgia launched the attack on Ossetia on 8 August. There are 1,000 Israeli troops at least, private security firms and military advisors, including advisors who are upgrading the Georgian air force in an installation near Tbilisi. That's what the Russian airplanes hit, and they essentially made the military strike on South Ossetia militarily impossible by making incursions inside Georgian territory before they announced that they were calling a halt to their military operations.

Russia mourns victims of bloodshed in South Ossetia
Russia held a day of mourning for those killed during the five days of fighting in South Ossetia on August 13. People from the capital Tskhinvali, which became a battlefield after being attacked by Georgia, are recovering from a nightmare. It’s hard to find a citizen who hasn't lost a relative in the conflict. Moscow Times: Charges Fly as Georgia, Russia Mourn. PressTV: US, Russia in war of words over Georgia. You Tube: AMERICAN CITIZENS CAUGHT IN GEORGIA DURING THE ATTACK SPEAK THE TRUTH. WATCH THE REACTION OF FOX.

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