Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'Justin Raimondo vs. Christopher Hitchens on al-Jazeera'

By Eric Garris ∙ AntiWar.com ∙ August 19, 2008

Justin Raimondo was on al Jazeera yesterday, with Christopher Hitchens and Nazar Janabi from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Riz Khan was the host.

The show was about al-Qaeda: after 20 years of existence, what is it’s future? Is it recruiting? Those were the questions we were supposed to address. And yet the idea that Al Jazeera was actually having Hitchens on – a militant atheist, who wants to invade practically every country in the Middle East, and has nothing but disdain for the religious and cultural ethos of the region – answers the question of why al-Qaeda is still around, albeit unintentionally.

Here it is in two parts:

[One can imagine the Al-Jazeera "company memo" to producers. "Two 'realists' for every non-interventionist." –dt]

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