Monday, August 11, 2008

Black War Propaganda: 'Russia v. Georgia'

CNN is leading the charge, as if directed by the Pentagon.

[Source: soulcoredotnet]

Make no mistake: Rick Sanchez is fulfilling an agenda here.

His job? Make it appear that Russia committed naked aggression upon Georgia — despite the documented facts to the contrary.

Note Sanchez’s repeated use of the word aggression. "Aggression" implies that you fired the first shots unabated. That would be Georgia — not Russia. How ironic that he goes on to tell the Russian ambassador that "words do matter."

Also notice that, in the clip Sanchez segues into, the Russian ambassador’s stinging response to war criminal Khalilzad’s provocative and hypocritical remark in the U.N. is not included, and that throughout the entire segment, only U.S. officials’ quotes are cited — all of them provocative and against Russia.

CNN’s job is to make the tyrannical Georgian president — Mikhail Saakashvili — look like an innocent and peace-seeking man and a champion of human rights and "democracy" when the opposite is true.

The neocon-Likudniks and their indomitable, back-pocket, corporate media are trying their best to get the USA dragged into this because they both profit from our losses and the deaths of millions.

Need I mention the fraud-piece by Bill Kristol in the New York Times, [1] or the ignorant, foaming-at-the-mouth supplications for U.S. military intervention by the editorial board of the Washington Post? [2]

Factoid: The war criminals in D.C. and Tel Aviv have been advising, training, and providing military bulk to Georgia for some time now — apparently, for this very purpose. Even mainstream Israeli newspapers and the agitprop operation for the Mossad, DebkaFile, have reported as much.

Bonus factoid: Israeli war criminals have been threatening Russia over its reported willingness to sell missile-defense systems to Iran. What chutzpah!

In response to Bill Kristol’s opinion piece in the NYT, Michael Rivero, editor of WhatReallyHappened, comments further on the Georgian aggression against South Ossetians and Russians, and the role played by the neocon-Likudniks:

What Georgia did, as they had been trained to do by their US "advisors," was to ethnically cleanse Southern Ossetia before the majority of their troops attacked. Ethnic cleansing, is a polite way of saying murdering men, women, and children to achieve a political objective.

10 Russian peacekeepers were killed and 30 wounded; how, we don’t know, but that’s what happened. To expect Russia not to respond was a colossal failure of imagination of the Georgian government. To then expect NATO and the US to be able to "pull their fat out of the fryer" when Russia responded to civilian killings and the killing and wounding of their soldiers, was the second colossal failure of imagination of the Georgian government.

And the comment about offering "emergency military aid to Georgia" is stunning in its demonstration of a breathtaking lack of understanding of the situation.

Offering emergency military aid to Georgia is tantamount to declaring war against Russia, which does, by the way, have nuclear weapons.

I may be speaking to the choir here, but don’t be taken again by the lies being told by exactly the same people who stand to gain from illicit U.S. intervention and the ensuing genocides.


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