Friday, August 8, 2008

Another huge reason why corporate media are criminally complicit

Their journalistic aggression upon you allows the their cronies in government to rob you for the enrichment of foreign states; who then put your stolen tax money to the most unethical uses imaginable.

Ron Paul puts the concept of foreign aid through the wringer as only he can:

While free trade should be embraced, foreign aid should be rejected. Constitutional, moral, and practical arguments compel such a view. Constitutional authorization for such programs is at best dubious. Morally, I cannot justify the violent seizure of property from Americans in order to redistribute that property to a foreign government—and usually one that is responsible for the appalling material condition of its people. Surely we can agree that Americans ought not to be doing forced labor on behalf of other regimes, and that is exactly what foreign aid is. [The Revolution: A Manifesto, p.99]

A commenter in the last post made light of this as it pertains to the "special relationship" enjoyed by Israel.

Though Israel is the richest of all nations receiving U.S. aid, it is the largest recipient, and the deal it receives is exceptional among all other state recipients. But thanks to the way corporate news media cover this subject (on the rare occasion they do — usually, to justify insane militarism), Israel is made to look like a worthy, needy partner earning the loot. Reading The Associated Press you'd think Israel couldn't exist without it — a ridiculous inversion of clear-headed logic.

All the while, Israel continues its decades-long policies of ethnic cleansing and perpetual, racist colonial expansion on the backs of not only the indigenous Palestinians they brutally occupy, but also the American people subsidizing it. Israel's economy is thriving; ours is diminishing; the Palestinians are being crushed; and the American people are being evermore radicalized by the government and its lying, back-pocket, mainstream media. What could be more un-American, backward, and evil than that?

The fact is that Israel is a huge cash cow for the MIC.

The profiteering tyrants wouldn't get away with it all without the front-to-back "coverage" of their Propaganda Ministry. Corporate news media must be exposed and held to account; this would go a long way toward restoring ethical government, prosperity, and the good name the USA had before the Wilson's, FDR's, Bush's, and their corporate cronies began systematically raping us and the people of the world for their own enrichment.

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