Monday, July 28, 2008

Think Tanks to Holding Tanks, Board Rooms to Gallows: Part 3

Corporate news media's insistence on concealing U.S. and Israeli crimes by omission, deception, and fluff is driven by not only fascistic urges, but also the fear of self-incrimination.

How is it that:

— According to the U.S. Constitution, the 1981 Algiers Accords, and international law, the neocon-Likudnik aggression on Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Iran — and their military occupations — are illegal; yet this is not conveyed in mainstream news coverage of those events.

— According to international law, military violence upon unarmed people who are occupied by the same military is a war crime for sure, but so is the current Israeli-U.S.-E.U. lockdown and forced mass-starvation of Gaza; yet, the only acts described as "militant," "violent," and in religious terms ("Islamist" or "Islamic" or "jihadi") are those originating from the same people being belligerently occupied and aggressed upon.

Before each of the Palestinian attacks on the Israel-Gaza goods crossings this year, the Israeli army ran "incursions" — bulldozing farmland, trees, and houses inside the Gaza Strip near the border. Males, from boys to elderly men, were corralled like cattle and some were randomly kidnapped without charges. Some were shot and killed. These unarmed farmers and the like, mind you. Females were treated violently and inappropriately. Yet it was absent from AP's time-line narrative.

— According to the U.S. Constitution, federally-doled foreign aid is not lawful, and according to international law, state-to-state foreign aid to nations targeted by U.N. Security Council resolutions is illegal; yet, the U.S. government has given rogue states like Israel, Egypt, and Jordan hundreds of billions in military and economic aid. (That's a conservative estimate; other tallies of total U.S. aid to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan, combined, arrive at $1.63 trillion.)

— Still, according to corporate media, the "international community" supports the crippling sanctions and embargoes on Palestine and Iran on the basis of cutting off the flow of funds to rogue militants. Why is the criminality, irony, or hypocrisy not at least implied by mainstream corporate media? Is it because when they do, this happens? (Notice that the columnist referenced in the link mentioned neither the illegality of the aid nor to what specific, illicit ends it goes; yet, the news medium he writes for felt compelled to change its editorial presentation, all upon the harassment of zealous state-worshipers. [1])

— U.S. and allied governments exact economic sanctions, embargoes, asset freezes and boycotts against Hamas, Syria, and Iran to no end — all on the premise that they are either terrorists or financing terrorists; yet, American taxpayers are looted for hundreds of millions to finance the efforts of U.S.-designated terrorist groups such as the MeK, Jundallah, and the JDL. All the while, mainstream media remain conspicuously silent.

— The largest collectors, processors, and distributors of said news coverage then go on to claim fairness and balance, and that they're "looking out for you"? They may very well be "the most trusted name in news" — but by the people, or by the state?

You decide ...


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