Friday, July 11, 2008


By DesertPeace ∙ July 10, 2008

We have been waiting exactly two weeks to the day for the Associated Press to write a report on the inhuman treatment that Mohammed Omer suffered at the hands (and feet) of Israel’s security officers when he crossed into Israel on his way home to Gaza.

They just issued a report on the situation…. not the situation regarding Mohammed Omer, but rather on the Israeli government’s report denying the situation ever happened.

At least now we know where AP stands…. on very shaky ground, to say the least. When the truth does come out, and it will…. AP and the likes of them will have allot of ’splaining to do Lucy’.

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DetainThis Comment

These U.S.-Israeli AP “journalists” are hasbaraniks, militant Zionists, and willing tools for the continued dehumanization of Palestinians. Their editors, managers, and the AP board of directors will be front-and-center on the dock at the Nüremberg trials of the neoziocon empire.

Google: “Joseph Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Streicher”

Plea: “But we were just doing our job!”

Verdict: “GUILTY AS HELL!”

These fellas are members of the AP BoD: Rupert Murdoch (News Corp) and UPI/Wash. Times (Sun Myung Moon)!

No wonder, eh? Also…

— Josef Federman is AP’s Jerusalem news editor, “responsible for directing daily news coverage out of Israel and the Palestinian territories.” (DUH! FACTOID: Before becoming an AP correspondent in Jerusalem, Federman “completed a year of graduate studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.” Translation: Federman, like all other AP correspondents out of Jerusalem, receives thorough hasbara training to prepare them on how to present Israel’s case to the public.)
— In December ‘06, Federman replaced Karin Laub (the “reporter” in the byline of the current “report”), who has been appointed as chief Ramallah correspondent.”
— Steve Gutkin (whose name you will see in several AP bylines as well) is Federman and Laub’s bureau chief.
— “Contact: AP Corporate Communications, 212.621.1720

The gloves are officially off, folks. –dt


  1. The media in the US has just become another employee of the government. It is sad to see how they treat the truth. I am not sure anymore if they are or will ever be capable of telling it like it is. It seems that Israel and the US has got them brainwashed. This world would be better off with the truth and not the fabricated stories they tell.

    God bless Mohammad, One of the very few honest and sincere journalists in this world.

    The AP is a good example of what the media is like.

  2. Indeed, Chet. Thanks for the comment.