Thursday, May 1, 2008

'Tehran Dumps Dollar . . .'

By Burkeman1 ∙ The Daily Burkeman ∙ May 1, 2008

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The Daily BurkemanWell, the bombs should be falling on Tehran within weeks. Tehran announced they have completely dumped the dollar . . . no longer conducing any oil transactions in what President Ahmadinjad last year called "a worthless piece of paper".

This means war! And this is what Iran will be bombed over. This is what the US gubmint owned mee-dee-ah has been preparing us for these past months now. Daily lies about Iran and their involvement in Iraq and their "nuclear weapon program". Yes. Lies. Every word of it. All lies. Not one iota of truth in any article or allegation made against Iran by this government is true. Not one. Just like not one about Iraq was true. Not one.

And you will fall for it again America because you don't care.

The US doesn't hate Iran because it is "Islamofascist" or because it is a "threat". They don't hate Iran because of its oppressive regime. Iran's religious regime is a hell of a lot more liberal than stalwart DC ally Saudi Arabia or even Jordan. It does not fear their little nuke program. It fears a government that it doesn't control and who represent a major challenge to US policy.

And what is US policy? It is, dear reader, nothing more than a shakedown racket writ large on a global scale. The US economy can no longer justify the value of the dollar on the international scene and in order to continue living the lifestyle we have all become accustomed to the US government is going to demand that the rest of the world essentially give us a payoff in the form of artificially inflating the value of the dollar or else we choke off the oil spigots. That simple people. The US isn't squatting in the ME over vast reserves of oil because it fears wittle bitty terrahists! Wake up! It is shaking down the world. Our government is propping up our purchasing power with the one thing we have left- our military. Because it ain't our civilian economy that is the basis of the value of the dollar. It is brute strength.

So remember that when you buy that new "Made in China" vacuum cleaner for 35 dollars that will break in exactly one year necessitating the purchase of another one. Know that that vacuum cleaner is so cheap for one reason and that your house is filled with cheap foreign made dreck for one reason- that you can sit in a movie theater and watch insipid self absorbed cookie cutter banality over and over for one reason, that you can suck down tubs of fried goop while watching other fat assed Americans make asses of themselves picking briefcases for money . . . . know the reason! That the US military is killing lots of people for you to do so.

This evil might be a bit more bearable if our sainted holy above reproach US military were killing the dirt people of the turd world and holding the oil reserves hostage demanding that whole swaths of the world live as peons to sustain a highly cultured America with a sophisticated intelligent creative population that is making substantial contributions to the future of humanity overall. But that ain't the case. It is for a laughing stock culture of low brow dimwits. It is to sustain a culture of fat assed dumb as rocks self absorbed idiots who will be remembered only for their ravenous gluttony, consumption, and unrivaled ignorance and indifference to anyone but themselves.

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