Friday, May 23, 2008

Casting Stones

The United States government is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, and fellow neocons—including most members of Congress, the State Department, the Pentagon, and so-called think tanks—are war criminals, terrorists, and traitors. They have hijacked U.S. policy and have chosen to continue and accelerate on a crookedly jagged path to self-destruction via aggressive war, regime-change, permanent belligerent occupation, black-ops, extrajudicial executions, and the ever-lucrative enterprise of conflict-propagation.

They hide behind the "public servant" façade, but should instead be serving as defendants in their own impeachment, treason, and war crimes trials. Neocon-Likudnik militarism and corporatism defaces the U.S. Constitution, erodes civil liberties, destroys economies, crushes dissent, violates international law, and attacks the dignity and livelihood of peoples the world over. They know they are guilty too, which is why they are always the most vociferous when it comes to divining who is and who isn't a terrorist, war criminal, or rogue regime. They cast the first stones and biggest ones. They doth protest too much.

But people are slowly waking up to the reality that neocon-Likudniks are not waging their so-called war on terror for the sake of Americans, Israelis, Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis, and the rest of the world's peoples, but that, rather, the peoples of the world are dying in the superpower states' terror wars for the material gain of the neocon-Likudniks and their puppet dictators.

People don't take too kindly to that state behavior when they recognize it for what it really is; but sadly, the American people are amongst the worst entities when it comes to both recognizing and fighting terrorism. We have miserably failed to eradicate this, this, this, this, and this, for example, due in no small part to ignorance and apathy fueled by a mind-numbing constant flow of fluff and lies and other distractions perpetrated by mainstream corporate media for the sole purpose of concealing state crimes.

Some entities, however, have done quite well for themselves in the area of counter-terrorism. What entities do I speak of?

The terrorists, of course (or at least, those entities referred to as "terrorists" by the superpower coalition of terrorist states waging war against them).

State-sponsored terror, when waged militarily and over the airwaves, is a virtually indomitable lever for gaining political influence, whether domestically or in foreign lands. There is no greater challenge than to defeat such a threat. The only entities that have successfully done so have been popular peoples' resistance groups, like the ones in Gaza, S. Lebanon, and Iraq.

The popular Lebanese Resistance, led by Hizballah, has several notches on its belt in this regard, spanning back to the mid-80s. Most notably, they drove the U.S.-sponsored terrorist army of Israel out of most of South Lebanon in 2000, and handed the Zionist invaders a humiliating defeat again in the Summer of 2006.

The most recent, violent political row in Lebanon has been blamed on the Hizballah-led people's opposition, but was really set up to be a pretext for a 60th Anniversary Israeli bash on the Lebanese people, planned by U.S. and Israeli entities—like the Israeli campaign of terror upon the Lebanese people in 2006. But unfortunately for the terrorist entities, Hizballah just so happened to be the most prolific anti-terror force on the planet, and it showed. They swiftly snuffed out the U.S. and Israeli scheme before it could gain any momentum, causing the Israelis to call off their ill-advised plan.

Now, the Hizballah-led opposition and the U.S.-suckling majority government in Beirut are hashing out the details on a unity government, and the quisling majority has rescinded its earlier-stated, U.S.- and Israeli-instructed intentions of sabotaging Hizballah's ability to wage future anti-terror battles in defense of the Lebanese people.

Another entity with a good record of defense against state-sponsored terror is the popular Palestinian Resistance, led by Hamas.

After Hamas' January 2006, Parliamentary election victory over rival party Fatah, Israeli Zionazi and U.S. government terrorist Elliot Abrams (Iran-Contra pal of Oliver "suspend the Constitution" North's) was so humiliated that he planned an armed coup against the legitimate, popular majority party in Palestine. The operation failed miserably: Hamas blew up the U.S./Israeli/Jordanian-supported Fatah insurrection, despite Hamas cabinet ministers, militia members, and supporters being snatched up by the dozen and sometimes assassinated by Israel terrorists for over a year prior to the actual operation.

Meanwhile, U.S. and Israeli war-planners have not had to face such daunting threats, yet can not seem to prosecute their own massively-funded projection of guilt known as the "war on terror" against what they call "rag-tag militias."

No members of "al Qaeda" (the officially-alleged, "cave-dwelling" perpetrators of the September 11, 2001, attacks on U.S. soil) have been brought to ethical justice, and Osama bin Laden (the allegedly-breathing financial backer and spiritual co-leader of the neocon-named group alleged to have committed the evil acts) isn't even on the FBI's most wanted list. 17 of the 19 alleged hijackers "were" reportedly from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, yet the U.S. coalition has been waging aggressive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq against everyone but the suspects. What's up with that?

The neocon-Likudniks are losing so heinously at their own sadistic war games; they can't remember which terrorist group they hired last. This is especially true in Iraq, where the U.S. war-schemers have harbored, funded, and armed various militant groups for the purpose of propagating sectarian violence, thus providing an excuse for permanent military occupation of Baghdad and job security for the Military-Industrial Complex in the region. (And they call Iran the world's leading sponsor of terror.)

But no matter which sectarian or regional militia the neocon-Likudniks are employing at any given time, the people's Resistance of Iraq know a real terror threat when they see it.

In March of 2004, four U.S.-sponsored mercenaries from the Resistance-designated terrorist group, Blackwater, were killed by Iraqis who were defending their turf in Fallujah. (Blackwater is the same U.S.-based, militant group that was hired by the DHS [Department of Hitlers and Stalins] to commit terror upon the victims of Hurricane Katrina, assisting the U.S. Gestapo [ATF, DHS-infiltrated local police, etc.] with disarming and brutalizing otherwise peaceful and law-abiding citizens on their property and publicly. Not only is that a violent subversion of the U.S. Constitution upon the people; it is domestic terrorism.) Their bodies shouldn't have been mutilated and burned and suspended from a bridge the way they were: that's sick and evil. But the Blackwater militants were no angels themselves, and they were killed on the battlefield by their chosen enemies.

And speaking of state treachery and self-humiliation...

British militant forces withdrew from Southern Iraq due to the success of grass-roots Iraqi resistance groups like Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army, which has successfully fought off U.S.-sponsored terror and continues to be a thorn in the side of neocon-Likudnik terrorists to this day.

Iraqi police are not too shabby at counter-terrorism either: they played a part in the British withdrawal by apprehending British SAS terrorists who were posing as Arab insurgents ("terrorists") in Basra and armed with explosives and donning authentic Arab dress. Of course the assailants' state sponsors busted them out of jail with tanks and helicopters almost immediately—presumably, to avoid the possibility of exposing to the world the bigger, U.S.-Israeli-British complex of false flag operations that have bolstered phony neocon talking points about sectarian violence and insurgency. (Who, again, are the biggest sponsors of terrorism?)

What separates the successful anti-terror resistance groups from the rogue U.S. and Israeli state sponsors of terror is that the resistance groups (U.S.-designated "terrorists") are on their own turf battling the foreign invaders (Resistance-designated "terrorists"). That's called lawful defense—a concept the neocon-Likudniks, to their perpetual detriment, have no respect for. And when resistance groups whoop big-bad military states under those circumstances, it makes the superpower aggressors appear as the evil, cowardly, and self-defeating war criminals they are.

Using the power of state, the U.S. and Israeli regimes commit aggressive war, ethnic cleansing, and genocide as their accomplices in corporate media Orwellianly sell it all to the world as "spreading freedom and democracy," "defending our way of life," and a "clash of civilizations," where we are the "good" and they are the "evil." But no matter how they flood the airwaves and the press with propaganda—labeling this, that, and the other people's militia as terrorist organizations with a rock's sense of irony—the record speaks for itself on whom the most prolific sponsors, doers, and extinguishers of terrorism are.

When Israeli-occupied Palestinians cast stones at Israeli tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and militants, they are doing it with the world embracing them in the knowledge that they didn’t cast the first one. That’s the spirit of the people’s resistance to state aggression, the righteousness of self-defense, and counter-terrorism at its finest.

[Correction, paragraph 13: 17 of the 19 alleged hijackers "were" reportedly from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, from "17 of the 19 alleged hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and Pakistsan." –dt]

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