Friday, May 16, 2008

AP says: ‘If Palestinians are suffering at all, it’s self-inflicted.’

The Associated Press (AP) is the main engine behind the neocon-Likudnik empire's Ministry of Propaganda.

AP's Board of Directors is comprised of CEOs, publishers, and editors of mainstream corporate media outlets. Corporate media outlets rely on corporate advertising for their profit margin. Corporate sponsors rely on a positive image of not only their products, but also of government policies that favor their business or industry. (For example: NBC is owned by GE, whose subsidiaries produce major weapons and nuclear equipment for use in Iraq, Israel, and elsewhere; they benefit from government largess through no-bid defense contracts. So it is in MSNBC's interest to give favorable coverage to the Iraq war and other government ventures relying upon their goods and services and the goods and services of their corporate cronies and sponsors.)

The Associated Press is the most criminal and dangerous media entity of all because it is the primary source of breaking "news" for all major news media outlets (including NBC) and print news outlets—as well as any individual or business desiring the service—in the world. On any given day, according to AP, half the world's population reads AP-provided propaganda.

Is it any wonder, then, that the neocon-Likudniks and their predecessors have been getting away with pimping the world all this time?

Palestinians Uprooted Themselves

Zionists and Israelis are currently celebrating the establishment of the state of Israel upon the backs of the people whom Zionists and Israelis have been terrorizing and ethnically-cleansing for more than 60 years. The last ones to recognize that tragic irony are the corporate media operatives who are complicit in war crimes for their role in proselytizing readers with state-worshiping agitprop recycled ad nauseum and for profiting off the wars and ethnic cleansings they have supported through lies and omissions.

The Associated Press ran a headline on May 15, titled "Palestinians mark 1948 uprooting with rallies," leading readers to expect a report about the "1948 uprooting" and "rallies."

But this is AP, and they're not so bothered with title–body agreement and other journalistic constraints.

About 6% of the report is dedicated to the "uprooting" of Palestinians. The other 94% or so was dedicated to Israel's celebrations, Bush's Israel-worshiping speech to the Knesset, and the implication that the Palestinian victims are at fault for their ethnic cleansing. Zero historical context is provided. The Zionist and Israeli militants doing the "uprooting" are not mentioned (apparently, the wind carried the Palestinians out of their homes, off their land, and into their graves). For every brief description of various "rallies" held by Palestinians, AP includes an Israeli account of Palestinian violence against Israelis—all amid a constant narrative of internal Palestinian conflict.

The report is about everything BUT the Palestinian nakba and the U.S.-supported Zionist terrorism and colonialism that caused it.

The extent of AP's contextual presentation of the topic appears in the fourth paragraph:

"Thursday's events commemorated the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who either fled or were driven out of their homes during the 1948 war over Israel's creation. Palestinians call it their 'nakba,' Arabic for catastrophe."

And that's it. No mention of who drove them out. No further elaboration. Keep in mind: this is one paragraph out of about twenty of comparable length, and the only paragraph to expound on the topic of the Palestinian ethnic cleansing which is supposedly the topic of the report.

True to form, AP gets right to the Israeli damage control in the next paragraph, using those familiar descriptives:

"The anniversary underscored the Palestinians' internal division. For almost a year now, the Islamic militant group Hamas has ruled Gaza, while the West Bank is run by moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas."

Ah yes. The "Islamic militants" versus the "moderates." Gee, I wonder if readers will know which side to favor here. And wow! The AP descriptions just so happen to coincide with official U.S. and Israeli positions. Hmm. How often does that happen? Not much, I hope. Otherwise, that would be state-sponsored media; you know, the propagandistic m.o. of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Saddam, and so many other mass-murdering dictatorships.

In this "news report" purporting to relate the Palestinian "uprooting" and "rallies" mourning it, AP even finds space to conjure up a sales pitch for further aggression against Iran within the framework of one of its Palestinian-blaming spiels:

"Israel's government, meanwhile, came under mounting pressure to try to oust Hamas, after a rocket fired from Gaza hit a medical clinic in an Israeli shopping mall and seriously wounded four people, including a 2-year-old girl.

"Israel's intelligence chief warned that within two years, Hamas would be able to extend the range of its rockets to 25 miles and put more Israeli cities at risk.

"Wednesday's Grad rocket, which Israeli security officials said was made in Iran, hit the coastal city of Ashkelon, about nine miles from Gaza."

This faux pas is AP editorializing at its subtle best, giving the AP's take on who fired the rocket and leading the reader to believe Hamas is behind this attack and all of them.

First of all, Hamas did not claim responsibility for the rocket attack; so why does AP link it with "mounting pressure" to overthrow Hamas, based on one man's warning? And what "Israeli security officials" said the rocket was made in Iran? How do they know? What is the Iranian response?

In the very next paragraph, the AP war-drumming intensifies, as an Israeli official threatens to commit full-scale aggressive war and regime-change against the Palestinian people of Gaza, and AP loves it:

"'We have to put an end to the Hamas government,' Vice Premier Haim Ramon told Israel Radio. 'If that decision is made, it will have clear military significance. The army knows what it has to do, it can be done in many ways that we are not doing now.'"

No rebuttal appears. Not from Hamas, the U.N., the editor, the reporter, no one. Two-and-a-half years ago, Ahmadinejad was falsely charged with threatening the same thing against Israel, based on a mistranslation; he's been laughably cast as a Hitler-type threat ever since. AP contributed the most to that fraud by being the largest disseminators of world news and by refusing to correct its reporting in the face of Farsi language experts who insist that it was a mistranslation.

Predictably, the Israeli occupation is not mentioned in the entire report, even though peace negotiation is mentioned several times, and the occupation is at the heart of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, as is Right of Return for Palestinian refugees and the Palestinian claim on East Jerusalem and the militant and illegal Israeli colonies on Palestinian land. All of it is omitted from this "news report" on the 1948 "uprooting" of Palestinians and the "rallies" in memory thereof.

Palestinians Enjoy Their Self-Inflicted Suffering

But even with all the above journalistic fraud, AP's disdain for humanity and truth gets even more depraved and blatant. Observe how The Associated Press promotes the minimization and denial of human suffering by the war criminals who are causing the suffering and injustice in the first place.

A May 11, 2008, Associated Press (via Yahoo! News) headline is titled "Gaza City power plant shut down reducing electricity supply." (What else do the editors at AP expect to happen after a power plant is shut down? An increase? The headline is purposefully loaded with fluff so as to conceal Israeli guilt.)

From that, you might think the story is about Palestinians experiencing hard times; the opening paragraph certainly leads in that direction.

"Gaza City residents faced closed bakeries, stalled elevators and no water on Sunday after the ruling Hamas shut down the territory's only power plant, saying it ran out of fuel supplied by Israel."

Not bad. They even left out the typical "Islamist, militant, violent, Jew-hating, Israel-non-recognizing" prior to the word Hamas. But they also failed to mention the Israeli and U.S. roles in the humanitarian crisis.

The state of Israel has committed crimes against humanity in the effort to make sure Gazans rely 100% on Israel for their fuel and electricity needs. To wit:

— In June 2006, that same power plant was unnecessarily bombed and almost completely destroyed by Israel—a war crime of collective punishment—during its aggressive war against Gaza known in Israel as "Operation Summer Rains." This has not only eliminated two-thirds of Gaza's electricity supply; it has affected the water supply as well, causing all kinds of health problems. Without electricity to run water sanitation and pumps, the people get stagnant pools of slime and backed up sewage pipes. One such pipe burst last year, killing innocent civilians who drowned in human-waste water.

— That power plant was originally built as a way to ween the Palestinians off dependence on Israel for their energy needs. But Gaza has still been dependent on Israel for all its fuel because of U.S. and Israeli embargoes and aid freezes upon the impoverished territory in response to the election of Hamas in January 2006; which is another form of collective punishment and state terrorism.

— That power plant was insured against such damages by a U.S.-based company that is subject to said embargoes and aid restrictions. As a result, the plant has still not been fully repaired.

— Israel has not been providing even the minimum requirement for the needs of Gaza's 1.5 million residents, and still refuses to open border crossings to alternate providers of fuel.

But according to AP, this vital context is meaningless; the words of Israeli officials are golden gospel. They can do no wrong, even when every human rights group and every U.N. humanitarian mission agrees that the state of Israel is committing supreme war crimes and crimes against humanity upon the civilian population of Gaza.

Oh no. AP's job is instead to shift the focus off Israeli crimes against humanity and onto the victims, using AP's favorite victim-blaming technique: state-worshiping monologue.

AP/Israeli Account: "Israel charged that Hamas was creating an artificial crisis ..."
Gazan Account: —
Independent Account: —
DT Comment: That same denial of suffering was all too prevalent leading up to many preventable atrocities in the twentieth century.

AP/Israeli Account: "On Sunday, Gaza militants fired three rockets at Israel, the military said. One exploded next to a school bus transporting children, another hit a factory and the third landed at a college. No one was hurt."
Gazan Account: —
Independent Account: —
DT Comment: This official account has NOTHING to do with the fuel crisis; its inclusion is meant to reverse the focus off Israel and bolster Israel's masochistic argument that collective punishment via fuel-cutoff is the way to go when dealing with rocket attacks. (About ¾ of the AP report dealt with rockets and other off-topic filler—all strategically placed for maximum state-worship and victim-blaming.)

AP/Israeli Account: "At Sunday's meeting of Israel's Cabinet, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pledged to stop the daily barrages. 'Either there will be quiet or Israel will take strong action that eventually will bring quiet,' Olmert said at the start of the meeting. After the fatal attack Friday on Israel, five Palestinians were killed in Israeli raids in Gaza."
Gazan Account: —
Independent Account: —
DT Comment: Translation: "Either you will die quietly or we will do another atrocity—just like last week, the week before, the week before that, and early March, and Winter Heat, and ..."

AP/Israeli Account: "Israel does not talk to Hamas, which does not accept the existence of the Jewish state. While warning that a truce would allow Hamas to rearm and regroup, Olmert has said Israel would hold its fire if militants stop their attacks."
Gazan Account: —
Independent Account: —
DT Comment: Israel has turned down every Hamas truce and cease-fire offer, preferring to keep the economic and military stranglehold on Gaza tight as possible. For that and other reasons—like an illegal, belligerent occupation, house demolitions, and denial of the Right of Return to Palestinian refugees for 60 years—Israel is operating in egregious violation of the U.N. Charter and dozens of U.N. Security Council resolutions. Armed resistance is lawful; belligerent military occupations and aggressive wars upon the civilian populations being occupied are supreme war crimes.

AP/Israeli Account: "[R]esidents still get electricity for about six hours a day ..."
Gazan Account: —
Independent Account: —
DT Comment: AP-to-plain-speak translation: "Those subhumans should be thankful they still have sewer-flavored water and nice tents to live in!"

Who-Knows-Who's Account: "Hamas is widely believed to be hoarding supplies of fuel for commercial vehicles, ensuring its loyalists get supplies first. On Sunday, Ziad Zaza, a member of the Hamas government in Gaza, announced it would distribute fuel to bus companies to transport residents and students. Zaza did not say where the government obtained the fuel."
Gazan Account:
Independent Account:
DT Comment: That, folks, is the height of journalistic fraud.

It's "widely believed" by whom? Neocon-Likudniks? Using the phrase widely believed is worse than saying, "Some say ..." And perhaps the reason why "Zaza did not say where the government obtained the fuel" is that either the Associated Press did not ask him, or Hamas is simply rationing out the limited supplies it has on hand—as shrewd public servants tend to do.

What a lame remark on the part of AP. I mean, seriously, without providing even one testimonial, we are told that people all over the world suspect Hamas of malicious cronyism. AP then implies that it is the job of the Hamas official to volunteer information to AP in defense of said empty charge, or else Mr. Zaza remains a prime suspect in some implied-but-unsubstantiated crime? Total fraud.

Who knows; maybe Hamas has that unethical chink in its armor. But if that was true, then news agency editors should not have to resort to weasel words and baseless accusations to implicate the alleged perpetrators. Whatever happened to reporting the facts, sticking to the topic, staying out of the way of the story, and letting the reader decide?

Those nasty tools of conjecture are the domain of The Weekly Standard, News Corp, the New York Sun, and all other pseudo-U.S. media; so, what in the world requires AP to use them so regularly?

When news outlets provide official U.S. and allied government accounts throughout their reports while omitting independent accounts or even the accounts of the state's chosen enemies, that is a form of absolutism. According to AP, neither the United States or the state of Israel can do wrong; but when Iran, Syria, Hamas, or Venezuela are in question, the state and its people deserve distrust, derision, and collective punishment. Why?

Because they are the infallible states' chosen enemies: that's why.

The Ministry of Propaganda must be eliminated if we are to have a well-informed populace that is able to make sound political judgments based on accurate accounts of world events. I am opposed to the use of violent force to bring about political change, but if every pro-empire news bureau on earth were to be destroyed by whatever means—and if every pro-empire editor and CEO were to lose his or her job, or perish, as a result—I might just cry tears of joy.

The people of the world would certainly be better off not being lied to in order to facilitate their own demise.


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