Thursday, May 22, 2008

Action Alert: No War on Iran!

Thanks to Brenda, editor of Friends of Lebanon, for forwarding to me the following info she received from a colleague:

The Jerusalem Post broke the news this morning: George Bush intends to attack Iranin his final months in office.

"The official claimed that a senior member of the president's entourage, which concluded a trip to Israel last week, said during a closed meeting that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were of the opinion that military action was called for."

Congress has the power to stop him. There is a resolution already in the Senate called S. Res. 356. It's a straightforward and simple resolution that says, "A resolution affirming that any offensive military action taken against Iranmust be explicitly approved by Congress before such action may be initiated."

Tell your Senator to support and fight for S. Res 356:

Today's story is just the latest to discuss the increasingly belligerent rhetoric of the Bush administration towards Iran. Just last week, President Bush compared anyone who seeks to negotiate with Iran to those who appeased the Nazis prior to World War II.

We only have a few months until our long national nightmare of the Bush Administration comes to an end. But, it is abundantly clear that they intend on going out with a bang. It's time for the Congress to embrace its role as a co-equal branch of government and stop them before it is too late.

Send a message to your Senator right now:

And here's a great video from the above site, summing up the diabolical m.o. of war-fomenting madmen in the U.S. government and media (a redundancy?):

Please take action.


  1. interesting coincidence - was wondering about the israeli viewpoint, so googled "israeli news" and found "the jerusalem post." it was interesting to read that story to which you're referring, and also about the scandals of their pm, and how, after eight years of no talking with syria, olmert is now planning to begin peace negotiations with them.

    can't help but notice the irony there: olmert -gasp- TALKING to an axis-of-evil member, -shudder- syria!

    so much for bush's "appeasement" hatred.

    and speaking of nazi's, i heard someone say yesterday, "Get with the program. We live in post-Gleichschaltung Weimar Amerika. All one can do is make jokes and have another drink."

    i had to look that one up, but, yup, ... i fear i see the semblance.

  2. Goodness gracious. What these people in DC are doing is despicable.