Monday, April 14, 2008

'Video: Iraq Pre-invasion Lies'

By Ryan Dawson ∙ ∙ April 13, 2008

This video goes over pre-invasion lies as well as how they falsely linked Iraq to 911. It hints at who really did 911 but doesn't explain it yet. I want to go over how they lied about it and how they covered it up before I say who did it.

I think more people are aware that they lied about Iraq and are profiteering from it. But when they see where all the lies came from and how those same people landed on the 911 commission and were part of PNAC and were primarily dual citizens with Israel, things will start to make more sense.

After dropping those bombshells as well as WHO is lying about Iran, THEN I'll bust out all the information about the Mossad on 911.

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