Friday, April 4, 2008

'A Time for Passion; A Time for Peace'

By CrazyComposer ∙ The Inner Voice of the CrazyComposer ∙ April 2, 2008

Illustrations © by Ben Heine
Our species has been endowed and imbued with a spectrum of emotions, not the least of which is the ability to feel things with a tremendous amount of passion. Our expressions of passion may at times seem to go beyond that which would be considered normal, or acceptable, under “ordinary” circumstances, but we must always remember that this is one of the most powerful of emotions; passion is not only connected with our ability to love and express that important feeling, it comes into play with other emotional states as well. People often speak of being passionate about their work, there is passion involved in the creative act (something that I can attest to without any hesitation), and it is very evident whenever any sort of conflict that strikes an emotional note arises.

[Read the full essay here. Thanks to DP and WRH for the link.]

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