Friday, April 4, 2008

'If Tibet Was a Threat to Israel ...'

... This Is How the US News Would Be
by Ryan Dawson ∙ ∙ March 30, 2008

Anti-Neocons.comExtremists Buddhists terrorists and former allies of the Mongolian Horde which threatened all of Western Civilization, were clashing with the Chinese Liberators Tuesday. The Tibetan monks hoard the money of their people and want to drive China into the Sea. There is no such thing as Tibet. China is defending itself from religious terrorists who hate the Chinese for no reason. Tibetans are just jealous of China’s economic wealth and freedom.

For years these people have been religious Buddhofascists. Shaving their heads even some of the women! They are totally committed to their fringe element faith. Followers to have been known in times of war (which is constant with these people) set them selves on fire, very akin to a suicide bombing.

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