Saturday, April 12, 2008


By DesertPeace ∙ April 12, 2008

Image by David Baldinger
“They believe in God’s word in the Bible and in God’s promise to the Jewish people that the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel…”

That quote among others can be found in THIS report about megachurch pastor John Hagee’s visit to the Holy Land.

These so-called Christians are literally celebrating on the graves of Palestinians murdered by the very state they so adore. They are here to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel without a glance at the suffering that resulted from that founding..

They sing, they dance, they bask in the ‘Glory of the Lord’….. what about the Palestinians? Do they really believe them to be ‘children of a lesser God?’ Where were they when a siege was placed on Gaza resulting in starvation, a medical crisis, a systemised plan to ethnically cleanse an entire nation off the face of this earth…. WHERE WERE THEY??? Do they really believe this is what Jesus would want?

Some were at the Hootenany in Texas shown below…

There are REAL Christians that care about the situation. There are groups like the Society of Friends that care and help alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. They are the ones that live the Message of Jesus… unlike the Evangelicals who obviously are ‘full of something else’.


  1. makes sense you'd feel this way. You people hate and demonize anyone that doesn't agree with you. All you say are lies. You are not a nation, just Arabs the same as every other surrounding country. Go live there!

  2. Your hasbara is getting sloppy, Adolf. How do you expect to sell a wonderful image of the aparteid state without disciplined propaganda? Refer to your Handbook!

    Oh yeah. And tell your mother to get out of my house. And tell your family and friends to get out of my neighborhood, city, and state, and go live in Canda or Mexico. Fair enough, Avigdor? Uh huh...