Sunday, April 6, 2008

'The Bloodline of Tyranny'

By Republicae ∙ News from the Rebellion ∙ March 31, 2008

The Bloodline of Tyranny can be traced back in this country to a mentality that formed within the circles of power that began to consolidate during the Constitutional Convention. Within those debates the desire for a federal oligarchy was planted, pruned back, yet the roots of that desire remained, living deep within the soil, ready to sprout and spread its vile contempt for the Liberty of the People. This seed of Tyrannical Oligarchy can be easily traced through various political policies and actions from the beginning until this present time.

There were several distinctions between the two groups, the two mind-sets; it is no different today as this struggle continues for our Liberty. The mind-set of oligarchy has not changed, nor have those who support such mentalities, nor has the battle that began during those formative years of our Republic.

It became evident that there were two very different rationales at work; one quickly became represented by the Federalist Party on one side, the other by the Republican-Democratic Party. While it is not my intent to delve into a detailed history of the beginning of this struggle, it will provide profiles of the men and the reasons behind the formation of those two very different camps of political thought and how we are still effected today as the same struggle continues.

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