Saturday, April 12, 2008

AP=Neocon-Likudnik Shills

Image © Benjamin Heine

The latest Associated Press report on Iranian non-issues bears a headline implying that Iran takes strong objection with Israel's verbal belligerence:

"Iran Demands Israel Stop Force Threats"

The article starts out nicely, quoting both sides; but then halfway down, it recycles the same old and tired falsehoods ...
Exchanges between the two nations have grown increasingly bitter in recent years. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said the Holocaust is a "myth" and called for Israel's elimination.
... and ends the story with that hackneyed and dangerous nuclear half-truth ...
Iran insists its nuclear program is purely for civilian purposes. The United States, Israel and key European nations suspect its real aim is to produce atomic weapons.
AP knows better than that. They are perpetuating the "wiped off the map" fraud (mistranslation) on purpose.

They also know that the IAEA has found no evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program—even under the strictest NPT guidelines and IAEA snap inspections. Iran's violation back in 2003 was an IAEA safeguard issue (not a "red alert" weapons scare), and did not warrant all these aggressive sanctions. Iran has been in compliance with the NPT. In reality, a relative handful of nations want to wage aggressive economic and military warfare against Iran; about 180–190 nations do not. The U.S. has coerced other UN nations into voting for sanctions against Iran. But AP deceives its readers by placing manufactured controversy at the very end of the report, dangling dangerously, instead of mentioning the vital facts. According to AP, catchphrases and talking points are easier and more cookie-cutter-editing-friendly. According to news agencies and corporate media, the legal and moral fulcrums are somewhere in the middle; or rather, they're fine where they are—where the Bush regime back-asswardly gets the most leverage.

Why? Because they are not acting as journalists: they are acting as shills for the regimes in D.C. and Tel Aviv.

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