Friday, March 7, 2008

'Struggling With Apathy'

By Burkeman1 ∙ The Daily Burkeman ∙ March 6, 2008

The Daily BurkemanI just don't care. When it comes to national politics I just don't care. Actually it is worse than not caring. I get physically annoyed even hearing or reading the daily parade of lies and constant idiotic useless chatter out of the Beltway endlessly amplified by our major media as in Orwell's "1984".

I can't do it anymore. The lies are just so thick that every utterance out of the mouth of a Brit Hume or a Wolf Blitzer or a Hillary Clinton or a John McCain I find to be personally insulting to my intelligence if not morally reprehensible.

I spent the last week in the fantasy bubble world of retirement community Florida with my father. This is a place where it is literally possible to not even see your neighbor ever- if not ever find out their names and your human contact is limited to a series of service workers most of whom don't speak English.

My father, God Bless him, rises in the morning at 9 or 10 AM and puts on CNN or Fox News and that is what stays on all day long and all night until he goes to bed sometime around 1AM.

Now I don't watch major MSM news channels hardly ever back in the real world of Boston as I long ago found them to be worthless as far as real news is concerned. I didn't think it possible but after this week of having no choice but to be confronted by these channels- I have to say they are even more vapid, imbecilic, and further from reality than ever before.

But it isn't just the 24 hour non news channels. It is the major newspapers as well. I can't read them anymore. They gap between the fantasy Beltway propaganda world of the our MSM newspapers and reality is just so large that I may as well be reading fiction novels.

"Clinton Success Changes Dynamic in Delegate Hunt" is a headline in the New York Times today. Don't care. Who would actually read that? I tried. What followed was a mess of BS - the usual 3000 word bunch of crap about the Kabuki theater horse race between Obama and Hillary. Change up some dates and mix up some quotes and this story could have been cut and pasted from one they ran three months ago.

Don't care.

"Lesson of Defeat: Obama Comes Out Punching." New York Times today.

Don't Care.

"Top Iraq Contractor Skirts US taxes offshore." Boston Globe Today. Ohhh really? That is a scandal when it comes to the Iraq war? That? Try the whole fucking sick war!

Don't' care.

"Trench Warfare for a party's soul, Democrats may face months of conflict as Clinton, Obama duel for final delegates" Boston Globe today.

Who cares? Not me.

"FBI agents improperly used subpoenas" Boston Globe. Wow. Telecoms and Bush broke the law for years and grant themselves retroactive immunity but this is news.

Don't care. How could I? How could I care about that at all given what this administration has done? What our government does routinely in the way of law breaking?

Political prosecutions and show trials. Illegal massive government spying. A sick degenerate war that couldn't' be more based on lies and evil than if Hitler himself had started it. A corrupt national economy. A government that tortures people and a society that actually debates which Soviet-esque techniques are okay to do.

But I am supposed to care about Sudan and Darfur?

I am supposed to care about the latest nittery about what Hillary or Obama said?

I won't even go into how every story on Iran is simply a patchwork of lies and lies of omission.

Flag of the Commonwealth of MassachusettsFox News, CNN, MSNBC? They are obscenities. A constant never ending stream of shit, filth, and lies.

One of the contributors to this blog suggested that we go more in a cultural commentary direction. Well, that is where I have to go now. I just can't follow this crap on a daily basis anymore.

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