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Fig Leaves and Führers

Why the 'Neocon Empire' Hasn't Met the Third Reich's Fate—Yet

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For all their material riches and their ever-expanding power, "neoconservatives" own a most unenviable disposition in the world.

When you're an active member of an international mafia at the helm of the world's top military and economic states—robbing your lower and middle classes and waging preemptive and aggressive wars upon defenseless third-world nations in an effort to make yourself and your corporate cronies filthy rich and pissed on power—you risk being impeached, deposed, incarcerated, and possibly sentenced to life or death. When your fingerprints are all over some of the worst ever violations of the U.S. Constitution and international law, and your offenses amount to treason and crimes against humanity, you are "riding a thin red line down a slippery slope." And when your fellow mafiosi are flirting with nuclear war, and at times overtly pushing for it, you literally have everything to lose.¹

So, in order to avoid demise, the many apparatuses and many ranking members of the mainstream mafia² are left with two options: a) change course, correcting their dangerous and illicit policies, or b) maintain the status quo, believing that history will exonerate them no matter the consequences.

To any sane, reasonable person, "b" is obviously not a realistic option. But the mafiosi in charge of U.S. and "allied" affairs are not reasonable, and their ideological policies are in fact insane. Their concern is not: What will keep our peoples safe, our republics and "democracies" from going bankrupt, and the world from being reduced to ashes? No. Their biggest fear is that they'll get caught in the act and pay a price for it.

Their last-ditch goal is to save face, and option "a" makes that impossible for them.

Crazy as they may be, the neocons are not fools. They know that by choosing that moral and legal option, they would in essence be admitting to countless impeachable offenses, at best, and innumerable war crimes, at worst. So cynically enough, the illicit and inhumane option— "b"—provides the neocon mafia with the only real possibility of "redemption." (Besides, they write the history books.)

But how do the neocons keep their empire and its ruling mafia intact?

1. Invert, pervert, and retro-activate due process; toss out habeas corpus; pass "emergency legislation."

This is the state's tool for crushing dissent and freeing its tyrannical officials from liability for these and all aforementioned heinous offenses. These high crimes disarm the people of their basic rights and human dignity. Everyone but neocon mafiosi and those they favor are guilty until proven innocent—especially true if you're Muslim, Arab, or just actively sympathetic to the plights of the Middle Eastern people being belligerently occupied and cleansed by the mafia's indomitable "coalition forces."

Government activities are kept secret, while privacy of the individual is violated. Neither the American people nor the defendants are allowed to know the details of each case, or even the charges filed. And media never question the tyranny. Subtly, the message is driven home that the suspected terrorists or enemy combatants deserve no rights because it helps the government "catch" thousands of "them."

So, even if the Department of Homeland Security has brought charges against only a handful of the thousands of political prisoners it has rounded up since 9∙11, it's fine, because the mafia can show the world that—hey!we got all these suspected enemy combatants! We're protecting you! Thus people are led to believe that it's right to sacrifice liberty for security: a sick and twisted notion in a constitutional republic or any truly free society.

The PATRIOT Act and the Military Commissions Act are major examples of the perversion of due process, suspension of habeas corpus, and emergency (tyrant-immunizing) legislation.

HR 1995 (Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007) "is yet another attack on our Constitutionally-protected civil liberties."

Such tyrannical measures are made easier through cronyism: the appointments of key government staffers who are ideologically aligned with top-level neocons or simply willing to pervert the law and lie for them.

2. Print and borrow money ad libitum and "manage" the economy.

This is a conniving way to overtax and impoverish the people in order to finance illicit state ventures. The neocons have their ideological (nation-building and big-government) forefathers to thank for this system of empire-financing.

Through the unlawful creation of the Federal Reserve and the implementation of the federal income tax, Woodrow Wilson & Co. were able to finance their illicit globalist agenda of "making the world safe for democracy," while maintaining a veil of economic security at home through a system of debt and currency debasement. The welfare-warfare state was then re-upped in the FDR years, with Roosevelt's New Deal socialism—the grand "cartel scheme"—and further state-sponsored terrorism on the people and their gold. Then in 1971, during the Nixon Administration, even more control of the economy was stolen from the people with the final eradication of the federal government's use of precious metals to back the monetary unit.

Each of those drastic shifts toward a more centralized and domineering state and a weakened monetary unit were sold as means of "strengthening the economy," "providing for the common good," and "spreading democracy," when in fact they have proven to be not only legally and morally unethical, but counterproductive. They've merely been tools by which the state has been able to wrest undue, unconstitutional control over the economy away from the people by extracting undue taxes, printing counterfeit money, and borrowing money to finance globalist, corporatist agendas; transferring wealth from social programs to Military-Industrial Complex ventures; and thereby, stripping lower and middle class individuals of life, liberty, property, and the means to prosper through inflation, corporate welfare, price-fixing, and so forth. All the while, Wall Street, K Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, and their corporate ("upper-class") accomplices stay fat.

Most importantly for the neocons, it's how their chief financiers—the international bankers—are kept happy and thriving.

It's all a total fraud. A central bank system is unconstitutional and an affront to free enterprise. But the stated good intentions must always be sold as foregone conclusions, while the unconstitutionality and inhumanity must never be discussed. These high crimes against the people must be cleverly disguised and peddled as a benign or even beneficial economic "adjustment," if they make the airwaves at all. No widespread word on the illicit nature can be heard, lest the people would rise up and eventually toss out their overtaxing, thieving, war-profiteering leaders.

And that's where the final and most important item comes in.

3. Drown out all independent media and silence dissent; relentlessly impugn the messengers; omit, omit, omit; lie, damn lie, and lie again.

Although management of the economy and war financing are invaluable, control of the message is the most vital thing because it allows all of the above to succeed. It is done via the incestuous "working relationship" government and corporate media enjoy with each other.

The Military-Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us of would be a relative non-issue without state-worshiping media "coverage." The illicit state-media corporatism and militarism, a.k.a., militant fascism, have been demonstrated ad nauseum. For example: NBC is owned by General Electric, which is also a top military contractor receiving no-bid "defense" contracts from the U.S. government. So naturally, NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC have all the incentive not to question or debate the legal and moral nature of the state's policies.

Corporate media never expose dirty secrets of the state, for to do so would be to incriminate themselves. Which is why government lies are repeated—stamped into the the brain—until they become truths.

That's how the people are led to believe that the aggressive wars and other crimes against humanity were, are, and will be waged in self-defense. It's how torture is peddled as being simply uncomfortable. It makes possible the m.o. of bite the lamb, cry wolf: a sadistic and cynical hypocrisy at the heart of the "war on terror," where Iraqi and Palestinian citizens defending their families, homes, and land against a belligerent occupation are called militants, insurgents, terrorists, and "al-Qaeda" without question, and thereby cast as the evil versus "our" good. It's how their plights and their deaths are negligible: not fit for print. It's how a 40-year, illegal, belligerent occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Israel can be concealed and inverted into the Palestinian Holocaust against Israel.

Image courtesy Anti-Neocons.comIt's why corporate media shamelessly sold us the illegal Iraq invasion, effectively acting as the neocons' Ministry of Propaganda, and why they are doing the same toward an aggressive war on Iran. It also explains the propaganda campaign whereby "viewers and listeners of US-supported media in the Middle East are being exposed to a tougher ideological line that endorses the hallmarks of the neo-conservative agenda: regime change and interventionist policies in the region."

And the media-state incest is mutually lucrative. State mafiosi keep the corporate media mafiosi in the game by granting privileged access to certain press members, allowing them the scoop over reporters from other (independent, objective, dissident) news outlets; enacting unconstitutional legislation discouraging competition and encouraging consolidation; and awarding huge tax breaks and no-bid contracts to the defense contractors that are owned or co-owned by the same moguls owning major media (as in the GE/NBC example above). Basically, they give them (and themselves) an exclusive cut of the action, or at least first dibs.

And corporate media return the favor. Media coverage is sterilized and made shallow and ahistorical—all to the state's benefit. Managing editors and CEOs employ fellow ideologues, or at least those applicants who can and will read a script that was stove-piped and cookie-cutter edited, no matter how fraudulent the message. They make it a tacit (but obvious, to be sure) company policy that staffers must sell out to the war-profiteering state—not too much to ask in the highly competitive, ratings-driven world of "news journalism." News agencies AP and Reuters have thrived in this calculus for decades; they put out the quickest cookie-cutter reports from the most bureaus all over the world, and corporate media eat it up and hurl it out.

And then there's the interchangeable parts, like media personalities being hired by the Bush Administration, e.g., former FOX anchor, Tony Snow, as press secretary—or neocon policy architect and former G.H.W. Bush official, Bill Kristol, who has been embarrassingly wrong on foreign policy, leaving his job at Time Magazine in infamy and being hired by the New York Times as a "conservative" and a foreign policy "expert." This is on top of his regular gig at FOX and his co-ownership of The Weekly Standardand other neocon mouthpiece media. Iran-Contra traitor Oliver North has a regular gig on FOX as a war propagandist, and fellow Iran-Contra fink, Israeli spy, and U.S. government neocon, Richard Perle, has a litany of "enterprises" under his belt.

The list of interchangeable media-state-corporate parts doesn't seem to end. The cross-pollination and co-dependence between state and media is so far advanced, and the message is so vastly and prolifically disseminated; any amount of dissenting information is easily framed as fringe conspiracy, no matter how rock-solid the supporting evidence.

That's how champions of the Constitution like Congressman Ron Paul are cast as fringe or extreme and therefore not fit to be president. Ron Paul warned against (predicted) today's militarism and masochism in the Middle East and economic crises at home—more than ten years in advance. He publicly predictedthe 1987 recession in 1983. He's the most legally and morally ethical Congressperson in modern history—perhaps ever; but he is a kook and an extremist because he resists the mafia.

It's certainly no accident that Ron Paul has been cast as unelectable and fringe: he, like no-one else, has had the neocons' number. He 's been exposing the fraud and treachery for many years. He is their greatest individual nemesis. Therefore, he must not become president and his message must die. Otherwise, the mafia's gig is up.

But as he has said countless times, some last longer than others and some achieve more than others; but eventually:

All empires end, end badly, for economic reasons, because you can't afford them. If you look out through all of history, eventually they collapse. And you may be militarily powerful, but eventually you undermine the finances. –Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Still, certain conditions have made it possible for the U.S. empire to endure and expand globally over many decades, while others, like the Third Reich, have failed in the quest for lesser goals.

Like Hitler, the neocons published their plans years in advance. Like the neocons, Hitler had a formidable domestic propaganda operation and was successful at disarming his people and stripping them of liberty. Like Hitler, the neocons manufacture threats based on ethnic or religious bogeymen and grounded in false dichotomies (though, unlike the neocons' "Al-Qaeda" and "Islamofascism" fantasies, some military and ideological threats to Germany and its nationalism were indeed real). But unlike the neocons, Hitler lacked the most important thing: pockets full of international media and bankers

Hitler found himself on the losing end of international PR, financial resources, and military wherewithal relatively early; whereas the führers of the neocon empire are still fully in bed with international bankers and media after more than six decades of U.S.-sponsored international tyranny. They and their financiers have been well "covered" and remain firmly on the "winning" side of PR battles—for now.

With international media-manufactured "popular support" and a cartel of central bankers on their side, the neocons are able to finance their militarism, crush their opposition, and prolong their empire; without them, their cloaks are threadbare and their fig leaves are shriveled.

In time, the neocon empire will come to and end for financial reasons; but if their incestuous relationship with corporate media suddenly ended today, neocons everywhere would be out of work, in hiding, incarcerated, or hanging from the lampposts advocating peace.


[1] As such, Norman Podhoretz, for example—a sort of Godfather amongst neocon ideologues—risks more than most, and
it shows.

[2] Here, "mainstream mafia" means all governmental, corporate, and individual entities that formulate, peddle, apologize for, and carry out illicit government policies. For example: congresspeople, presidents, other heads of state, "think-tankers," pundits, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and empire-aligned corporate media (i.e., "mainstream media," a.k.a., all of them). Other terms used herein—"the state," "the mafia," or "the neocon mafia"—have similar meanings but are less-inclusive.

[3] Also vital to the empire's success: The USA possesses nuclear weapons—more than any other country—which provide great "diplomatic" leverage. This is the ultimate in might-makes-right strong-arming: the ultimate shakedown device for the mafia. Though it's likely true that without the existence of nuclear weaponry in the world, Russia et alia would have much more to say about the "war on terror," public opinion and financial wherewithal carry more weight. Also worth noting is that while these international bankers favored the allied powers in WWII, they funded both sides, as they do in every conflict, in the interest of sustaining war and the profits therefrom.


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