Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jamie Kirchick Busted Again—His Fraud Further Destroyed

Jamie Kirchick/New Republic Source is Outed
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at January 23, 2008 06:53 PM Blog
Here's a bizarre twist on the Ron Paul smear campaign: "Kirchick's vile source is Bill White, white supremacist extraordinaire, self-appointed Fuehrer of the U.S. Nazi Party, and vocal Ron Paul hater . . . . He hates Ron Paul because . . . he thinks Ron Paul's campaign is infiltrated by 'the Jews' and he cites none other than the Ludwig von Mises Insitute (named after a Jewish economist and co-founded by another Jewish economist) as proof . . ."

Bill White admitted it before Kirchick's story broke. Along with a couple of 'beltway libertarians" . . . Bill White was the only person who knew this story was coming before it hit the presses."

"The only other people who knew about it were Kirchick's friends in the Cato/Reason crowd who got tipped off by Kirchick."

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