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The Best Truth-Diggers Are Unsung

The Greatest Documentarian You Never Knew

He is not your stereotypical "911 truther" or conspiracy theorist. He doesn't go around baselessly claiming that the planes that hit the WTC towers were holograms, or saying, "the Jews did it!" His source material is authoritative, well-documented, and much if not most of it comes from mainstream and government sources. He's not the partisan hack who parrots hackneyed agit-prop for the sake of Bush-bashing and getting phony "anti-war Democrats" elected. He exposes criminal activity on all points of the political map: a non-partisan, patriotic truth-digger who, for years, has been exposing actual U.S. government conspiracies and general treachery, with the greatest of ease. His exposés, which have received thousands of views on the Internet, are so thoroughly condemning of past and current government officials and their corporate cronies: video hosting sites have deleted or massively lowered the view-count on his videos when they've reached the top-ten.

He is the most prolific—if not the—anti-neocon on the Internet, and unfortunately, one of the least appreciated documentarians. His latest video (reproduced below with excerpt) is the first part in a series titled, War by Way of Deception. His name is Ryan Dawson, owner of And his is the art of neocon-smashing.

Watching his first long-play, Iraq, 911, and the Elephant in the Room, I began to wonder, why hasn’t this guy been “signed”? But then I remembered that there are certain factual contexts that Americans never get from ”news coverage.” These contexts are off-limits to anyone who wants to have any sustainable success in disseminating news and views ”in the mainstream” or on the Internet. (Heaven forbid, should the state incriminate itself willfully.) And that’s the main difference between Dawson’s work and that of the more ”successful,” or mainstream, documentarians: Dawson doesn’t insult your intelligence—or, ”dumb you down”—by overloading you with inconsequential wonk-blather, omitting mention of some of the most vital players shaping U.S. foreign policy and thus steering the Republic over the proverbial cliff.

These players I speak of are those who call themselves neoconservatives. Anti-neocons call them breakfast. They are mostly a bunch of pro-empire Democrats who are posing as Republicans and conservatives; most of whom are U.S.-Israeli dual citizens who do the bidding (PR, a.k.a., Propaganda and Reconnaissance) for political interests back in Israel. Some have been caught spying for Israel on the United States, yet still hold high positions in government or media. There are non-Israeli neocons as well, but to a man, neocons generally put the interests of the Israeli government and international corporations ahead of those of the United States.

They are some of the brightest minds in America, and yet they peddle the worst, most woeful and insane policy plans in U.S. history. But while their designs are a heap of illicit ideological idiocy, they’re also the most profitable ones around. Neocons keep their jobs by mere virtue of politicians and corporate media being in their pockets, and vice versa. And as long as the neocons profit, so do their corporate and political cronies. (And oh, how they profit.) Which means there’s plenty of economic and legal incentive to keep everything under wraps, or stick to the script. Conflicts of interests are innumerable, yet never arise on their dime. (Dawson illustrates this coherently and in detail within all three films below.)

'Elephant in the Room'

Whether by complicity, ignorance, or fear of character assassination and loss of livelihood, filmmakers and some independent news media tend to leave out references to the Israeli government and its agents when covering Iraq, 911, the Scooter Libby-Valerie Plame treachery, the yellow-cake forgeries, and other stories. Or, if they mention Israel at all, they leave it alone, and don’t further expose Israeli-U.S. crimes of aggression and tyranny. The sad fact is that doing otherwise tends to get you branded—justly or not—an anti-Semite, or even worse, a self-hating Jew.

As ridiculous as it is, it’s how things work with Israel-first policy. Of course, criticizing a foreign government—theocracy or not—does not necessarily equal a religious or ethnic swipe; but according to Israel-first standard, fallacy and conjecture are reason and sanity. Self-fulfilment is a foregone conclusion.

Try writing a book on the Israeli occupation of Palestine—or better yet, the AIPAC spy case, the USS Liberty attack, or other episodes of Israeli black espionage and aggression against the United States or other nations. See how many publishing houses and editors will work with you. Of those, how many will get your book reviewed by mainstream periodicals and newspapers and sold in major outlets? How many public speaking engagements will you be afforded, free of mandatory opposition from an opposing speaker? With rare exceptions, this number is ultimately whittled down to zero. And nobody is immune to the powerful tactics of the ”Israel lobby.” Ask Dr. Norman Finkelstein, Dr. Tony Judt, et al., who have been blacklisted and shut out of the mainstream. They are the biggest targets; they are Jews who dare to speak out against Israeli policies. These men are two of the finest, most scholarly political writers on Earth. But to the Israel-First Police, humility and justice are easily interchangeable with banality and skullduggerypeace, with preemption.

neocon-smasherThis is the main reason why Ryan Dawson’s material—and that of others who dare to challenge U.S. policy toward Israel, and Israeli policies toward Palestinians and “lower-class” Jews—doesn’t receive much-deserved acclaim outside a few high-traffic, independent websites. Which is why I encourage my readers to visit Ryan’s website; watch the videos; read the manuscripts; then challenge the evidence, arguments, and conclusions therein. If you find the work to be as serious, scholarly, and factual as I have, then give your support by spreading the word. Don’t let the quisling cabal of psychopaths known as the neocons destroy our Republic without a fight. And to all audio/video editors, producers, promoters, and the like: If you care about the unfiltered truth and want others to know it; if you do not fear the character assassination and blacklisting by neocon and Israel-first organizations; and if you’re looking for serious, substantial material, then give Ryan’s work consideration. His documentaries are unpolished diamonds, but certifiable ones nonetheless.


War by Way of Deception

Excerpt (intro):

When some people hear the word "conspiracy" they start thinking of a tinfoil hat crowd and invoke images of space aliens, paranoia, or a variety of cults and nonsense. Well there are a lot of wacky conspiracies about many things but that does not mean that conspiracies don't or can't happen. For example, the Iran Contra Affair was a massive government conspiracy hidden from the press and public for years. It happened in my life time and it involved billions of dollars and multiple countries. This was a case where one part of the government did not know what another part of the government was doing. Thousands of people were killed, multiple countries in Central America as well as Iran and Israel were involved and yet it was kept as a total secret from the media or perhaps by the media for years. Not only was it possible to hide this from the public but most of our own government was unaware of what covert activities were being done by the small cabal inside it and the CIA. Likewise much of the CIA didn't even know what a compartment in the CIA was doing. Many of the players forced to testify to the Wlash Commission avoided trouble and were allowed to continue to be in government or are still currently serving now. The CIA as well as Manucher Ghorbanifarand the Israeli hawk Michael Ledeen funded their activities with illegal drug and arms sales. The blackmarket weapons trade and the sale of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin are routine methods to finance black ops. In fact the some of the same people Michael Ledeen and Ghorbanifar have themselves neck deep in the niger forgeries which acted as a central lie to create a pre-invasion WMD propaganda in order to start a war with Iraq.

The Iran Contra has since been admitted to but many of the people involved did not get into trouble. They were given presidential pardons either by Bush Sr. or Bill Clinton. Most of them still have jobs and are working in the government right now! A lead investigator into Iran Contra who gave many of the key suspect immunity, was Lee Hamilton, he was later chosen to be part of the 911 commission. . . . It is a stone cold fact that known Iran Contra criminals who were part of that conspiracy are working in the government right now.

Iraq, 911, and the Elephant in the Room
(earlier version of War by Way of Deception, and my personal favorite)

How They Bleep You 1 of 2
(the military-industrial complex [MIC] brilliantly explained)

How They Bleep You 2 of 2

An interview on TOGI Radio, with Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened

More Ry on the radio: here, here, and here

Ry's BookRyan Dawson is the author of the book entitled Welcome to the USSA. This book has sold thousands of copies worldwide, and you can pick up your copy at your local Barnes & Nobles bookstore, or by ordering a copy online to be shipped to you. To order a copy, simply follow this link:

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