Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ron Paul Media Coverage Since the 'Money Bomb'

From a bulletin forwarded to me by a MySpace friend:

November 5th on CNN / Situation Room Wolf Blitzer

MSNBC Ron Paul interview 11-06-07

ABC News 11-06-07

Cafferty File 11-06-07

Tucker Carlson 11-06-07

FOX News 11-06-07

Young Turks 11-06-07

Lou Dobbs 11-06-07

CNN Roundtable 11-06-07

CNN interview 11-07-07

UPDATE 11∙8: I had to take some vids out because my page-load and navigation were lagging badly.
UPDATE 11∙9: All vids, links only.


  1. Good to see you posting again after what seemed like a long absence :))

  2. Thanks for the shout. Glad to be back!

  3. Money talks. All those people backing Paul that the opinion polls were missing and the media were ignoring - well, they seem to be letting their money do the talking, so maybe now Paul might be taken more seriously by the journos.