Friday, November 2, 2007

'Random Thoughts about the Israeli Government'

Or Lack of One
An editorial by DesertPeace ∙ October 31, 2007

I realised today that in the twenty three years I have lived in Israel, I have never seen a democratically elected government here. Israel constantly claims that it is 'the only Democracy in the Middle East', but has not had a democratically elected government since Menachim Begin was Prime Minister. There have been rotating Prime Ministers, National Unity Governments, Coalition Governments, just about every type except a democratically elected one. The history of this mess can be read in THIS link...

Israel fancies itself as a country with a Parliamentary System. Nothing is further from the truth. That type of system usually has representatives elected from specified areas. The leader of the Party that wins the most seats becomes the Prime Minister... very simple, very democratic. This is NOT the case in Israel where candidates run on lists presented by the Party they represent. Each party has a list and the number of votes they receive is reflected by the number of candidates that take office. During the actual voting process the electorate votes for a Party rather than any specific candidate. Not one of these candidates represents any particular constituency and none are answerable to the people.

What resulted in recent years was a Party being elected, but not with enough seats to form a government. That's when the 'fun' begins, promises of Ministerial Portfolios, promises of funds, promises, promises, promises.... until enough join up with the winning party and 'form' a 'government'. In the present case, a government made up of extreme rightwingers and moderate left wingers, a government that cannot function as it is...but one that suits the needs of the Lobby and its affiliates. Only in Israel.....

As much as Israel likes this so-called Parliamentary System of theirs, there has been a conflict.... they also wanted a system where the Prime Minister was elected separately and direct... like the President of the United States. They wanted the 'best of both worlds.' This system was a total failure and was dropped soon after it became policy.

OK.... why am I writing about this? First of all, tomorrow is November 1st, the month of November is synonymous with elections in the United States, another country that has not had a democratically elected government for years. A country where ballots are counted with blindfolds on and winners declared based on who the corporations want to represent them, rather than who the people might want.

And the connection between of these two..... Palestine...

Palestine, a country where a democratic election was held, where one Party won over another.... but the two NON DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENTS decided not to recognise that FACT. They have done everything in their power to make sure that the will of the Palestinian people will not be implemented. Think about what I am saying... it's all factual... it's all UNDEMOCRATIC.

Ironic that a democratically elected government is not recognised by two governments that literally stole power from the people. Worse yet is that the people of both Israel and the United States are allowing this to happen.

Those are my random thoughts of the day.... something for you all to think about as election day approaches.....

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