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'Despite Denials, There Always Was a Palestine'

'There Always Will Be One'
By DesertPeace ∙ November 9, 2007

There was a game I played as a toddler; I would close my eyes and imagine that the person I was with disappeared. I have seen youngsters playing this 'game' right up to the present time.

The 'game' does not have a name... it's just played....

The unfortunate thing is that far too many times it is played by nations rather than by children. Point in case is Israel; a country that has closed its eyes to the existence of Palestine for decades. As in the case of the children's game, this does not really make the other party cease to exist.... it's still there.

Denial is a great crutch for the denier, but one that is quite damaging to the other party. Denial of a nation is denial of rights to the inhabitants of that nation. It gives the denier a false sense of security, as was the case in the children's game, but actually is destructive to the other party. How does one feel when he is ignored? Not good. How does one feel when he is denied the right to be? Even worse.

So is the case with the 'game' Israel is playing with Palestine... first they were ignored, now they are forbidden to be... the worse part being there are 'referees' that do not call 'time out', but continue to support the Israeli contentions.

For centuries different peoples lived in harmony in the Holy Land. The following paragraphs are taken from an article in today's HaAretz...

The first Crusaders, who came to the Holy Land in the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries, called the Galilee paradise. They were amazed by the quality of the fruit and the olive oil, and by the height of the millet stalks, and enraptured by the wine. The area of Kafr Kana and the villages around Nazareth have been known for centuries for the quality of the pomegranates. To this day, even though most of the densely packed pomegranate orchards that once covered the local hilltops are gone, in almost every home and restaurant in the village, they still prepare delicious pomegranate juice. Here one can learn of the powers of medicinal plants to restore body and soul; of the foods that Jesus ate; and of the wonders of classic Arabic cuisine and medicine.

Black cumin (ketzah in Hebrew) is a cure for every ill, apart from death itself, said the Prophet Mohammed. And for thousands of years, in the Arab villages, they used it to prepare not only a seasoning for bread and baked goods, but also popular medicines for treating various aches and pains. Nowadays, its components are used in the preparation of cosmetic creams, cancer-preventing substances and many other medicines and ointments that are sold all over Europe. And black cumin is just one of hundreds of plants being studied in a laboratory in the village.

The entire article can be read HERE....

Now why, some of you might be asking, am I inserting an article about food and medicinal concoctions in my thread... simply to demonstrate that there was an Arab presence in this area for centuries. To furthur demonstrate that there was also a Christian presence , starting with Jesus Himself..

The simple point I am trying to make here is that we must open our eyes and recognise that we are not alone. There always was a Palestine and there always will be one. Denial will not make it go disappear.

Open your hearts as well and live together, work together.... as is demonstrated in that article, there is a wealth of possible cures to diseases just waiting to be uncovered... lets start by curing the diseases of hatred and racism.

Thanks to Michael Rivero of What Really Happened for finding this map...

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