Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Red State Blog Tries to 'Out-LGF' LGF

From LRC Blog:

Red State blog bans discussion of Ron Paul
Posted by Ryan W. McMaken at 10:01 PM

Says some guy:

Effective immediately, new users may *not* shill for Ron Paul in any way shape, form or fashion. Not in comments, not in diaries, nada. If your account is less than 6 months old, you can talk about something else, you can participate in the other threads and be your zany libertarian self all you want, but you cannot pimp Ron Paul. Those with accounts more than six months old may proceed as normal.

Thanks to J.A!

Update: Here's a fun tidbit about plagiarist Ben Domenech, the Founder of said Red State blog:

...In the past 24 hours, we learned of allegations that Ben Domenech plagiarized material that appeared under his byline in various publications prior to washingtonpost.com contracting with him to write a blog that launched Tuesday...

thanks to I.L.

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