Friday, October 19, 2007

'Four Brilliant, Gutsy Minutes,' and More, with Ron Paul

From LRC Blog:

Four brilliant, gutsy minutes
Posted by James Ostrowski at October 19, 2007 06:56 PM

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And from the YouTube "menu" button, here's a 2004 CNBC segment hosting a former IRS agent Joe Banister and Congressman Ron Paul, who discuss the income tax and the IRS:

I'm surprised that the CNBC arm of the mainstream mafia even allowed that segment to air.


  1. DT..I didn't see an email link on your site, but when I read this article I thought of yourself.

    Have a look.,,2195924,00.html

    Just sick and twisted..We have to break this 'culture of war'

  2. Thanks, NS. Nice story on the "most ethical army in the world." (Ethics by fire, eh? Geez...)

    What I think most people don't understand is that Israel is a military-state, and not a state-with-a-military. The mentality begins where the society defines its priorities (in this case, survival and dominance) and the means of achieving them. Currently, 70% of Israelis polled say they want the USA to bomb Iran. A fantastic "existential threat" is typically cited as the motivation. Could there be a more perverse or backwards skewing of reality? I dare say hardly.

    When did unbridled hostility become the first, second, and last resort to conflict resolution? Media have much to do with it, but so do radical state-sponsored ideologies, as well as the regional and "geopolitical" disposition of said state (interests, such as "security" or "defense").

    It's sad and infuriating to see US tax dollars used to perpetuate such an inhumanly domineering and suppressive mode of state operation.

  3. attached at the hip. A small group of people from both sides have completely subverted Democracy, human rights, and the environment. Criminals. As far as the IDF...that article sickened me. PTSD must be consuming everyone in the region. We must break the culture of war.