Saturday, October 6, 2007

Choice Clips from the Real News Network

Iran's Revolutionary Guard branded "terrorists"
Pepe Escobar says, "It's all about regime change in Iran"

Do Iraqis want partition?
Phyllis Bennis on the U.S. Senate resolution on the partitioning of Iraq

The “enduring” occupation of Iraq
Aijaz Ahmad: The U.S. has restored Iraq's old ruling class to power (1 of 2):

Like in South Korea, the U.S. is planning a long-term military presence in Iraq (2 of 2):

Where does the Bush-Petraeus strategy lead?
Phyllis Bennis: The Bush objective is enduring occupation (1 of 4):

Nowhere in the region is there an oil law like what's proposed in Iraq (2 of 4):

A case is being built for war against Iran (3 of 4):

We owe the Iraqi people reparations (4 of 4):

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