Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'Abbas has a "peace partner," but does Israel or Palestine?'

By DesertPeace ∙ October 28, 2007

Mahmoud Abbas, the man who represents NO ONE claims to have found a 'serious partner.' Of course he did, the very man that has installed him in his position of 'leader' of the Palestinian Authority, the very man that is about to turn off electricity to the Gaza Strip, the man that since taking over the position of Israeli Prime Minister from the (still) comatosed Ariel Sharon has proven to the world that Sharon was not alone in his desire to rid the world of the Palestinian nation.

Yes, Abbas found a partner. Together they will forge ahead to their November conference. Together they will collaborate with the United States, seeking new ways to continue the genocide of Palestine. The partner that the Palestinians chose when they overwhelmingly voted for Hamas has no say at the moment in the present 'peace process'... proving what a farce the conference will be.

Yes, the partnership between Abbas and Olmert is a true partnership... one made in Hell!
The following report from Ynet expresses Abbas' feelings....

Abbas: Olmert is a serious partner

Palestinian president explains that despite disagreements ahead of US-sponsored Mideast peace conference, Israeli prime minister wants to reach an agreement. 'The Israelis have their vision and we have ours. Now it's important that we reach a joint vision,' he says

Roee Nahmias

When we negotiate with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert we sense and see that he is serious in his intentions to reach an agreement, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview with the Kuwaiti daily al-Rai published Sunday.

"We disagree on various issues, particularly those related to the permanent agreement. The Israelis have their vision and we have ours. Now it's important that we reach a joint agreement," Abbas added.

The Israeli and Palestinian leaders met in Jerusalem on Friday and discussed the Israeli demand to stick to the Road Map route in any future agreement. ◄ continue ►

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