Wednesday, September 19, 2007

War Dogs and Salesmen

The UK Telegraph Shows Its Stripes

The Telegraph should change its name to The Stovepipe, as it serves up only the best quality (*wink*) news straight from Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv. Case in point, from "Britain's No. 1 quality newspaper website":

"Teheran continues to defy three UN resolutions by enriching uranium, which could produce the essential material for a nuclear bomb."

That's an insidious assertion and a criminal fraud. The lack of qualifying information leads the uninformed reader to believe that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. A fair or at least truthful assessment would've read:

"Teheran continues to challenge three UN resolutions by enriching uranium, which, according to experts, could not produce the essential material for a nuclear bomb before 2015 unless Iran drastically increases its enrichment level at least twenty-fold.

But Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has banned nuclear weapons with a fatwa, and Iran regularly reaffirms its intentions to exercise its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to enrich at the current levels.

The United States and several allies have denied those claims, citing a long-debunked mistranslation of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as evidence that Iran intends to use nuclear weapons to eliminate Israel.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), however, has often confirmed Iran's compliance with IAEA regulations and its commitment to peaceful nuclear activities."

But leave it to corporate media not to let those sequoia get in the way of their sapling, as the 18 September article, Iran threatens missile attacks on US targets, continues its use of innuendos and omission of vital details in order to help the dogs of war sell their next genocidal act of aggression:

"Iran is enriching uranium using centrifuges. It aims to install 3,000 at the underground nuclear plant in Natanz. Once it has succeeded — and the technical barriers are formidable — Iran would need about one year to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for one bomb. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reached a new agreement with Iran designed to lay to rest any fears that Teheran is developing a nuclear bomb."

What is devilishly implied here is that Iran actually intends to enrich to the levels necessary to create weapons-grade uranium; while what is omitted is that the IAEA has confirmed that Iran won't be capable of producing weapons at the current enrichment rate — ever — no matter how many centrifuges are used, and that Iran has complied with safeguards and inspections to the IAEA's satisfaction.

"But Western diplomats say the IAEA agreement contains one flaw — it does not specify that Iran must stop enriching uranium. However, Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the IAEA, said that any talk of war was 'hype'. He added: 'People need to bear with us.'"

First off, that is simply piss-poor writing, much less journalism. Call it war propagandizing to a literary fault. The first sentence gives a voice to the baseless neocon talking point pertaining to Iran's right to enrich uranium, so you'd expect the next sentence to address that flawed perspective. But no. Instead, the subject is immediately changed back to ElBaradei's irrelevant and ineffectual suppression of war hype, and the article is concluded with several dangerous ambiguities left dangling.

What is omitted is that Iran has not violated the NPT, has never enriched uranium past the safeguard levels specified therein, and has cooperated with the IAEA as fully as has any other NPT signatory. Iran has even gone to extra lengths which no other NPT member nation has been required to. Also omitted is that the United States has used coercion to bribe nations into backing the unlawful sanctions against Iran, and that threats of military action from Israel, the United States, and European nations always precede and greatly outnumber those coming from Tehran. Even in its fraudulent attempt to scrutinize Iran for its rhetoric, The Telegraph unintentionally makes my latter point:

"A senior commander of the Revolutionary Guard, the largest component of the Islamic republic's armed forces, chose this moment to outline the capability of his country's ballistic missiles. . . . 'Today the Americans are around our country but this does not mean that they are encircling us. They are encircled themselves and are within our range,' said Gen Mohammed Hassan Koussechi. 'If the United States is saying that they have identified 2,000 targets in Iran, then what is certain is that it is the Americans who are all around Iran and are equally our targets,' he told the official IRNA news agency."

The article failed its readers when it chose NOT to elaborate on the "2,000 targets in Iran" reference. Of course The Telegraph and other corporate media outlets are nowhere to be found when it's time to expose those nations initiating the aggression, as the absence of such context is vital for casting Arabs and Persians in a barbaric, aggressive, and unprecedentedly anti-American light. And that doesn't even begin to mention the US sponsorship of terrorism and political insurrection inside Iran, or the violations of the Algiers Accords and the UN-Nürnberg Principles those actions represent.

I won't go into the rest of the article, as it is simply more of the same tacit approval of fraudulent neocon war talk. Read it and recognize the drum-beating, distortions, and omissions. Expect more like it in the days to come, as the sub-dirt criminal war fiends of Tel Aviv and D.C. are desperate for public backing of this next war-profiteering genocide, and they don't want to resort to another false flag — if they don't have to. Either way, as we've come to expect, the Mainstream Mafia has them covered, front and back.

But, if interested in actual facts on Iran's nuclear and military activities over the years and to date, see:

  • The case for Iran, by M. Javad Zarif
  • Iran: a war is coming, by John Pilger
  • Fact Sheets of Iran-US Standoff: Twenty Reasons against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, by Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

  • Add CASMII to your list of bookmarks, so as to stay up-to-date on the neocon-Likudnik mafia's shakedown of Iran and what you can do about it. Stay alert and informed on the issues. Contact The Telegraph and any other publication that employs similarly negligent and criminal journalistic practices; confront them with the facts contrary to neocon propaganda; and "don't let them trick us into another war."


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