Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nice Work, Ron; Nice Work, People

Ron Paul: the hands-down First Place winner in Fox Noise Channel's McCain-worshiping debate. Dr. No's vote totals at least doubled those of the 2nd Place speaker throughout at least half of the voting period.

A cursory rundown of the tallies, according to Fox's live coverage:
*all times central and +/- 2 minutes*

10:06 – Ron Paul 35% Rudy Giuliani 17%

10:11 – Ron Paul 34% Rudy Giuliani 17%

10:20 – Ron Paul 33% Rudy Giuliani 16%

10:27 – Ron Paul 33% Mike Huckabee 16%

10:37 – Ron Paul 33% Mike Huckabee 17%

Final Tally:
10:55 – Ron Paul 33% Mike Huckabee 18%

(The Governor did surprisingly well.)

Spin that, Sphincter Room! And spin this:

[Source: ScaningTheWaves]

Best one-liner? Ron Paul, to Chris Wallace: "No!"

Rudy Giuliani's new nickname: "Giggles" or "Giggliani"

You underestimate
the American People
and the message of liberty!"


  1. Nice is right! Paul owned all the other candidates and the Faux Noise gang. Did you see that stupid sideshow with Luntz or whatever is name is, and that voter impulse chart thing? They tell us that Ron Paul lost even while he gets twice the votes as the next guy. Talk about desperate! RON PAUL IN 2008!!!!!

  2. Great blog...saw it on What Really Happened and mparent7777 blog.

    Giggliani is a good nickname...or Goonliani...or just The Crook!

  3. Thanks. No doubt, y'all.

    The whole broadcast was one dirty deed after another, strung together by Carl Cameron sideshow acts. They were literally acts. And right after the final tally was announced, that other guy busted out the voter logic-divining People-o-meter, offering fallacious, moot, and at best, anectdotal evidence that Ron Paul had lost the exchange with Huckabee — in essence, saying: "You may have won the war, but you lost this battle!"

    What a hoot.