Wednesday, September 19, 2007


[Detainee's Note: Those pigs in Tel Aviv and their peers in D.C. will suffer dearly for this and all their other crimes against humanity one day. I'm positive that Ariel Sharon's coma is a perpetual nightmare of flashbacks and the ghosts of Sabra and Shatila and all he did coming up through the ranks. If I lived as a Palestinian, I wouldn't be able to control my rage. I now understand how it's not that hard of a decision to revert to self-induced martyrdom while blowing up a handful of IDF and a few Israeli settlers; that is, if starvation, humiliation, and a slow, painful death of me and my family at the hands of those same foreign occupiers and their brutal military was all I had to look forward to otherwise. To Hell with "Israel". It shouldn't exist — and it won't exist for much longer — at this rate. The following commentary and article is from DesertPeace's blog.]

After 40 years of the most brutal occupation in the modern history of the world, after every attempt of genocide against the local population, the government of Israel voted today to declare the Gaza Strip an "enemy entity," approving among other things the disruption of power and fuel supplies to the Strip.

They also decided not to disrupt the water supply to the besieged nation.... how humanitarian of them..... like the water will reach it's destination without the pumps that have been turned off???

All I can say is It's terrible if it' s done to Jews (the world would be outraged!), but acceptable if the Jews do it? (the world remains complicitly silent.)

The report on the situation can be read here....

Ministers declare Gaza 'enemy entity', vote to disrupt power, fuel
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent, and News Agencies

The security cabinet on Wednesday voted to declare the Gaza Strip an "enemy entity," approving among other things the disruption of power and fuel supplies to the Strip, as a response to the ongoing Qassam rocket fire at Israeli communities. The ministers decided, however, not to disrupt Gaza's water supply.

Hamas said in response that Israel had effectively declared war on Gaza.

The security cabinet unanimously approved a number of sanctions to be imposed on the Gaza Strip should the rocket fire on southern Israel continue. The steps are designed to create "civilian levers" that will pressure Gaza's Hamas rulers to bring the rocket fire to a halt.

A statement released by the Prime Minister's Office after the meeting said that Hamas bore responsibility for the "hostile activity" emanating from the territory where the Islamic movement had seized power in June.

"Hamas is a terrorist organization that has taken control of the Gaza Strip and turned it into hostile territory," the statement said. "This organization engages in hostile activity against the State of Israel and its citizens and bears responsibility for this activity."

"The objective is to weaken Hamas," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said during the meeting, according to one participant. Barak also said that Israel is moving closer to a
large-scale military operation in Gaza. "Every day that passes brings us closer to an operation in Gaza," Barak was quoted as saying. He said an array of options would be considered before a major invasion.

The PMO statement also said that there would be restrictions on "the passage of various goods to the Gaza Strip," but stressed that all steps "will be enacted following a legal examination, while taking into account both the humanitarian aspects relevant to the Gaza Strip and the intention to avoid a humanitarian crisis."

Hamas said called the move an attempt to coerce the Palestinians into accepting Israel's demands for a U.S.-sponsored regional summit expected to be held in two months.

"They aim to starve our people and force them to accept humiliating formulas that could emerge from the so-called November peace conference," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said.

"It is a declaration of war and continues the criminal, terrorist Zionist actions against our people," he said.

A minister in Abbas' government also condemned the decision. "It is collective punishment against the people of Gaza, and discourages serious political discussion," said Ashraf Ajrami. ◄continue►


  1. The Jews, after WW2, rightly protested the Holocaust. Now, in Israel, Jews, aided by America, carry out their own version of it on the Palestinians.

    The world knows what is happening but refuses to do anything. The world stands condemned!

  2. Hear hear.

    Some people and their leaders are just frozen in fear — anticipating the backlash coming from the superpower mafia making all the "rules of engagement" as it goes along.

    Support Palestinian Right of Return? "You're an abettor to those who wish to 'wipe Israel off the map.'"

    Resist US or Israeli occupation and brutality on your land? You're a Hisballah, Hamas, or 'Al Qaeda' terrorist."

    Get caught smuggling arms or drugs across the border from Iran into Pakistan? "You're obviously working for the Iranians (even if you're coming from Iraq, Turkey, or Afghanistan)."

    Oppose US-Israeli hegemony? "You're a terrorist appeaser, and perhaps an enemy combatant."

    Report the facts on the ground? "You're an America-hater."

    Vote against a US or Israeli-proposed UN measure? "You're an axis power worthy of being sanctioned, and perhaps bombed, to holy hell."

    Did I mention that if you do any of the above, "you're an un-American anti-Semite," or that depending on how useful it will be to the policy, "you're a terrorist"?

    Hats-off to the brave and responsible journalists and news services out there exposing the injustice in spite of the otherwise impeding haze of smokescreens, smears, and threats. Lamp posts are reserved for their peers who willingly propagandize for The State and its foreign war criminal cohorts.