Friday, September 21, 2007

'How to Smear the 9/11 Truth Movement'

The Goals: Discredit, Divide and Conquer
By Erlenda, editor of Peace by Truth

What all other front-line reporters of the 9/11 Truth movement, like Kurt Nimmo, Michael Rivero, Justin Raimondo, Alex Jones and so many more have experienced, has finally happened to Christopher Bollyn as well: being stabbed in the back by a couple of guys who had pretended to be allies, by agents Smith and Hufschmid.

The people who are so prominent in the 9/11 truth-movement, who Smith and Hufschmid are defaming as Zionist tools, because they do not constantly scream "the Jews did it", are putting a lot on the line for their work, receiving frequent death threads and in the run up for a not unlikely American police state, they know what they risk in the future for being so visible now.

The game Smith and Hufschmid are playing on Bollyn and his family is even more vicious and perfidious than usual. They actually might endanger his life in the present time.

When this pair of conspirators started to call everyone and anyone of the 9/11 researchers a Zionist disinformant, one could give them the benefit of the doubt, and assuming they were nothing but a couple of paranoids with a one-track world view.

But with time, when they moved also to other subjects like revisionism, the pattern became clearer and clearer:

Discredit, divide and conquer.

Smith and Hufschmid are only the most well financed part of an army of false flaggers using the internet as their tool.

At first they introduce the mantra, that 9/11 and the "war on terrorism" is a Jewish and Jewish only conspiracy. If anyone else came close to it, they claim they are just puppets.

The other side of the smear company, the mainline media can now quote them and everybody else, who repeats their crap: "Look 9/11 truthers are nothing but a bunch of anti-Semites.

Now Agents Smith and Hufschmid have reached their first goal: Discredit

Now comes the second goal:

In order to avoid being smeared as anti-Semites, which is still very hurtful for many compassionate and well-meaning people, many 9/11 truthers will now bend over backwards to mention the Neocon and Israeli connection as little as they possibly can.

However it is without reasonable doubt established, that some of the Neocons have been involved in the planning and covering up of 9/11. And it is highly likely that one or several Mossad cells, like the guys from the Urban moving Mossad front, were involved, too. This on top of AIPACS influence on Congress and evidence of Israeli spying and the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty, does make a lot of Americans angry. Those Americans are vulnerable to the claim, that everybody, who does not blame the Jews, the Jews and only Jews day and night, might be a Zionist stooge. And they might actually believe it.

If this happens, and it has not happened yet, Agents Smith and Hufschmid have reached their second goal: Divide

Now comes the third strike:

The global power elite, which indeed has partly a Jewish background, but is also partly Anglo-American, Continental European and even has a few elements from other parts of the globe, this power elite, invested mainly in the financial markets, in the media, in the military industrial complex and in the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, this power elite which profits from these murderous war-games can hide behind "the Jews did it" mantra.

Everybody who points fingers at the power-elite is called a crazy anti-semitic conspiracy theorist. No matter how hard the evidence is, for the criminal games these elitists play, they can tell the world, everyone who opposes them is nothing but a veiled racist. And in this way they can rally both Jewish and Gentile people of good will to attack the truth movement on the pretense of fighting racism (Antisemitism).

And under this cover the power elite can do whatever they want to destroy the remnants of democracy we still have.

Third goal reached: Conquer


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