Wednesday, September 5, 2007

'Are They Playing the "Insanity" Game?'

By Erlenda ∙ Peace by Truth ∙ September 2, 2007

We hear from all sides now, that Iran will be attacked in the next few days or weeks. There are all kinds of leaks coming from the military. from politicians, even from inside the Neocon camp. It looks extremely serious.

Until now the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, however, has repeatedly declared that he is sure, that the threat of a nuclear attack on Iran is probably an operation of psychological warfare. He assumes that the American government knows, that for either Israel or the United States to attack Iran would be insane, because it would harm American interests and severely endanger the safety of the Israeli people. He might be right or wrong on this. We cannot be sure at this stage.

Since early last year there have been predictions that Iran will be attacked either by Israel or the United States. Again and again new deadlines when this was going to happen have been set and past by.

In recent years we are told, that Bush, Cheney and the Neocons might actually be insane, insane enough to believe that they can start a nuclear world-war and win. The Neocons have long been called "the crazies" by paleo-conservative members of the political establishment. Insanity of political leaders with the hand close to a nuclear switch is indeed the most scary thing imaginable.

But are they really clinically insane?

Are they psychotic?

Bush is said to hear voices and to have blown out his brain with cocaine he once used heavily. But George W. Bush is not really driving the political train, he just looks out of the drivers window. It is said that Cheney and the Neocons have messed up in Iraq and now they want to escalate into Iran to cover up for their mistakes. They have indeed not quite succeeded in all they had planned for Iraq yet, but they are still hopeful.

However, their plans have always been very much different from what most Americans and Europeans thought they were. They did not want to have an easy victory in Iraq, they wanted a breakup of the country. That´s why the aftermath of the war was deliberately mishandled.
This is why they sponsor "sectarian" violence of Sunnis against Shiites. However, more and more Iraqis have realized that acts of "sectarian" violence are in reality false flag operations by American, British or Israeli intelligence units or by mercenaries paid by them.

The Neocons have not given up yet. The death toll of those so-called "suicide bombings" are escalating while at the same time Sunni and Shia militias are talking to each other and coming to agreements of cooperation in hunting down so-called "AlQaeda" groups.

Why would any faithful Muslim martyr himself in an operation which kills dozens of Muslim civilians?

Why would he believe that his God would sanction that?

There is no logic in this.

But then we are told that Islamists are crazy.

However in targeting American and British troops, the Iraqi resistance has worked efficiently and rationally and so has driven those troops out of many areas in Iraq. Rational and strategic thinking does not go with psychopathy, it might go with sociopathy. A sociopath, however, would never be capable of sacrificing himself for a greater good. Cheney and the Neocons have not yet given up on their plans of dividing Iraq, by escalating death and suffering of the Iraqi people. They are sociopaths.

They have the same plans for Iran. But will they use the same methods? What will happen, if Iran is attacked?

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