Thursday, August 9, 2007

To Those Who Claim Ron Paul Spreads 911 Lies

[The following is my reply to a MySpace bulletin from some Paul-bashers who are upset at him for not making "911 inside job" a priority in his campaign.]

This is a respone to a bulletin received a short while ago written by some who are willing to trash Dr. Paul for the silly reason that he hasn't gone all "911 Truther" on us.

The sceptics are performing disinfo whether they know it or not, because the motivation for their knee-jerking is flawed in several ways:

1. It assumes that he has been hot on the trail of 911 truth the way we so-called "911 truthers" have been, and that he knows it was an inside job but is concealing it.

2. It assumes that Dr. Paul has the power, as a candidate, to bring the perpetrators to justice—something he can initiate only once he gets elected. As it is, what are his chances, as a loner in Congress, to bring about such investigations or criminal hearings? Zero.

3. It assumes that, just because Paul is endorsed by Alex Jones and others in the so-called 911 truth movement, that he should be championing the same "inside job" spiel as those supporters, and that if he doesn't, he should be castigated and labeled as a useful idiot of the MIC, NWO, etc.
"Never mind that 95% of other positions are aligned. He's not a 911 truther like us, so fuck him! He's a hack!"

4. It asserts that he is just playing the dirty game of politics like all the others because he refrains from speaking "the truth" lest he'd be labeled a kook and would then completely lose his bid for the Presidency. That is a contradiction to his spotless record of principled integrity and dissent amongst his peers in government. Utter nonsense.

5. It implies that there is an alternative candidate who IS speaking heavily about 911 truth. (Of course the sceptics don't name one, because there isn't one.)

None of the above suggestions made by the sceptics reflect reality; they only imply that Ron Paul is not worth voting for because he doesn't tell "the truth" about 911, as though the sceptics know for sure that Ron Paul knows "the truth" and is concealing it—as if there is one "911 truth" to be told, and that all factions of the so-called truth movement are on the same page. Nothing could be further from "the truth".

If any of the candidates are willing to at least open new investigations into 911—if any of the candidates are willing to bring ALL the evidence to the table in order to bring the perpetrators to justice—it's Ron Paul.

So according to the criteria laid out by the sceptics below, they should either vote for Ron Paul, or don't vote at all, because he doesn't proactively trumpet their version of 911 truth. And to that, I say good riddance and good luck bringing the perpetrators to justice with Führers Romney, Clinton, Giuliani, Thompson, or other.

In the meantime, do some reading, scan the list of other candidates and their positions on 911, then come back and apologize to all of us fellow 911 truth-seekers, who are also Ron Paul supporters, for your slip in judgment on the most honest and ethical US statesmen of our times.

This concludes today's lesson. Take note of your reading assigment for today:

More reading material available upon request. Class dismissed.

The bulletin:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
red pill
Date: Aug 8, 2007 12:04 PM

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Date: Aug 8, 2007 8:41 AM

Mr. Paul, can you succesfully answer
these questions with the official story?

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Date: 07 Aug 2007, 23:04

what did you think? that your savior had arrived?


^don't steal that word unless you give Khan credit, it's copywrighted.

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Date: Aug 7, 2007 10:01 PM

And he voted NO on net neutrality

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Psylocke's Psychic Knife
Date: Aug 7, 2007 11:39 PM

Thank u! thank u! THANK U! Finally people r starting to wake up to the whole Ross Perot "Ahem" Ron Paul scam! Any friend of Reagan is not a a friend of mine!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
The Ghost of Bill Hicks
Date: Aug 7, 2007 5:59 AM

Here's Ron Paul further distancing himself from '9/11 Truth' & Alex Jones. The fundamental problem I have with this is that Dr. Paul has stated that the majority of his financial support in the last quarter comes from Alex Jones' listeners (which means '9/11 Truthers') & the internet. He voted against net neutrality & supports the official 9/11 story, which anyone who isn't in a complete state of denial knows is just IMPOSSIBLE. But he'll definately take your money if you give it to him, like any good Politician.

I know Ron Paul may very well be the best candidate out there (with the possible exception of Dennis Kucinich), but I cannot endorse anyone who seeks to perpetuate the Official 9/11 Lie. I also understand that in order to have an ice cream cone's chance in hell, Paul must distance himself from The Truth. The entire political game in Amerika is ananthema to me & it disgusts me to watch Paul engage in it now that his star is rising (thanks to the '9/11 Truthers', don't forget).

Giving Dr. Paul the benefit of the doubt (& i do want to), I think that he is, at least, being used as a tool to deflate 9/11 Truth. The mass media has said repeatedly that he is a '3rd tier candidate', &, essentially, unelectable. Now they are throwing him bones as long as he will denounce 9/11 Truth, &, specifically, Alex Jones. Apparently, since i know he's not stupid, he's playing this Game.

I will continue to work to spread The Truth & initiate a new paradigm for humanity, without playing The Presidential Politics Game. My father says it best when he says "You can't trust any Politician".

[Of course it's of no consequence to the sceptics that Ron Paul is the only one who is repeatedly mentioning false flags like the Gulf of Tonkin and that it could happen again, as well as his strong distrust for the government and the fact that the government has been using events like 911 to further their illegal policies for decades. Even on the above video provided by the original bulletin author, he specifically references 911 in that regard — that the neocons used it to gain support for their f'd up schemes. Are any of the other candidates getting on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC many times, saying those things over and over? No. So tell me again: Which candidate will be the best choice for those who won't rest until 911 justice is done?]

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