Saturday, August 4, 2007

'Same Old Tune'

By Khalid Amayreh

[From Al-Ahram Weekly, via ThePeoplesVoice]

The current campaign by the US to reproduce the Oslo euphoria is painfully off-key, relates Khalid Amayreh

When Israel and the PLO signed the ill-fated Oslo Agreement in 1993, many people, save the "pessimists" and "extremists", thought that peace was finally around the corner and that a new politically stable and economically prosperous Middle East was in the offing.

Shimon Peres, one of the Oslo Agreement's main godfathers, prognosticated then that Gaza would become the Singapore of the Middle East. Others, in their wild imagination and naïvety, predicted that the West Bank would become a new Silicon Valley, a sort of a Mecca for foreign investors.

The ensuing euphoria prompted the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to declare Palestinian towns "liberated, liberated, liberated," with Peres telling the world in every TV interview that Israel had virtually ended its occupation of the "Palestinian territories" and that 99 per cent of Palestinians were living under the rule and control of the Palestinian Authority. Peres neglected to tell the world that the PA itself was under Israeli occupation and that the PA leader couldn't leave his headquarters in Ramallah and Gaza without an Israeli permit.

Along with the false euphoria, grand names and grand titles characterised that episode, with substance always conspicuously absent or in a very short supply.

Thus we had a Palestinian president, Palestinian government, state security court, and even Palestinian armed forces, when in fact there was very little substance if any to all these big names and titles.



  1. DT...your work is excellent. Keep spreading Truth. Not all will listen, but for those that do..We understand..we feel compassion.

    'w''s 'compassionate conservatism' has drained America. We are sorry. Unfortunately the stark reality is that the American, Isreali, and UK governments are being subverted by a select few. Their actions are not the wishes of their people. Stand pround..Stand tall..Love your country..It's your inalienable right.

    ...and for Wed. post...the world is not in debt of America...we are in debt to them...250 years of our existence and we march around acting as if we created civilization.

    Keep up the great're being added to my blogroll.

  2. Gaza would become the Singapore of the Middle East.


    Oh...ow! That hurts. OK...better now.

    I hadn't heard that part of the Oslo story, but one has to ask what they were smoking. A tiny strip of land, devoid of water, facilities, power (sometimes), and resources? Not highly likely.

  3. Hear hear, News Sophisticate. It's an honor. Thanks.

    Good point, Kvatch, about Peres' ridiculous Singapore comparison. The hasbara half-wit never ceases to astound.