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'Is This Man Destroying America's Iraq Dreamboat?'

By Former Reporter ∙ AFRR ∙ August 26, 2007

Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki delivers a speech during the opening of a government Media Center in Baghdad August 26, 2007. Picture taken August 26, 2007. (Handout/Iraqi Government office/Reuters)

I return from a long slumber, and resist the urge to return to a deeper sleep, only to find that the country is divided over Nuri al-Maliki - the man who is the product of El Presidente's divine dream of democracy in Iraq, albeit the result of a more complicated shuffle within the Iraqi Shiite power blocs being bullied and bribed in equal measure by the Iranian government and the Bush administration...

So, now Nuri huffs and puffs, while El Presidente Arbusto reminded us this past week that Vietnam, and much of Eastern Asia, was lost to the dark side of the Evil ones because of the premature evacuation of the U.S. military from South Vietnam... He did not, however, elaborate on how, failing an early pull out, a further thrusting and thrashing American military presence in South Vietnam would have benefited that moaning misery of a country...

But anyway, back to El Presidente Arbusto's historical warning - The presupposition therein is that if the U.S. public and politics could have sustained a longer, wider, deeper and more powerful presence in South Vietnam then everything would have been better, whatever "better" may be for what dreams may come... I think the real issue therein is whether or not the Bush administration can win the Vietnam War in another ten years... Otherwise, this is just so much wishful thinking... Seriously, is El Presidente Arbusto the kind of president who, given ten more years, can win the Vietnam War?

On the issue of midwifing anything short of a civil war in Iraq, the matter boils down to the credibility of the Bush administration and its record in attaining its military and political goals in the Middle East... And talking about Bush's ambitious though ambiguous goals in Iraq, were we not supposed to have a Palestinian state this year?

Wasn't 2007 the date Bush set for achieving Palestinian statehood? Is it going to happen in the next three months? Surely, no Democrat or other traitorous cowardly fiend in domestic policy has interfered with the Great Plan / Bush Roadmap, so where is the Palestinian state?

And those who lament a slow down in U.S. support for Israel forget that just last year, in July-August 2006, the Bush administration gave enough room for Israel to invade Lebanon, while Bush complained to Blair that Syria should tell Hizbollah to "stop doing this shit" and run (unfortunately, Hizbollah, like El Presidente, did not cut and run)... Now, the Bush administration (and its base) has been the most supportive ally the Israeli hawks have had, though, obviously, Bibi Netanyahu could always ask for more, as well he should for surely $30 billion in military aid is but a drop in the thimble...

But I digress from the point I was trying to make... Surely, in any war, as El Presidente reminds us about Vietnam, surely in any war one can misplace $8 billion, and lose track of a few thousands, OK 200,000, small arms and assault rifles, but surely one can not lament on those types of hiccups to interrupt an otherwise splendid war against this minority of Vietnamese Nazis in Iraq... Bush has so many allies in Iraq, surely the media and the traitorous Democrats (and some Republicans), and those bastard communists of the left, surely they can acknowledge that El Presidente has built bridges in Iraq, while he may have burned them at home...

Surely Bush is not as divisive a figure in Iraq as he is "over here"?

Surely we can trust his vision, for verily he speaketh to G-D... There are, of course, those who say Bush should not be blamed for the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, for surely the president does not control the weather... But for someone who communicates with G-D on a daily, sometimes perpetual, basis, surely the president knew what was ordained for New Orleans and let the sleeping poor lie, given how they were so much better off in a stadium in Houston than in their pathetic pre-flood New Orleans homes (or was that only something his mother said?)...

But again, I digress... And distress... So what do we make of this man, Nuri al-Maliki? Or is he ours to make at all?

Ultimately, at the end of the rainbow of El Presidente's wet blood-and-sweat dream of Iraq lies a very real truth - can a democracy in Iraq create a Neoconservative Republican state? Or will an Iraq, cursed with that Shiite majority and Sunni 20%, forever remain a bastion of Arab majority that, for some reason (probably Islam and NOT Imperialism NOR Israel), continues to deny Bush's America's dream in the Middle East?

There is, after all, a community in Iraq that is a strong ally of Bush and the Israeli hawks - the Kurds... But, unfortunately, because of liberal democracy, Bush can not expect the Kurds to shape Iraq into a pro-Israel and pro-Bush country... And then there is also the matter of those pesky Turks who are opposed to a Kurdish state and are growing increasingly anti-American, what with their popular anti-U.S. blockbuster Valley of the Wolves, or their democratically elected Islamist majority in parliament (soon expected to yield an Islamist president)... How does El Presidente balance an alliance with Kurds with an alliance with Turks?

It seems like Mr. Maliki epitomizes the inability of the Shite community to become good Neoconservative Republicans... For some reason, every Iraqi Shiite candidate Bush picks up turns out to be more Iraqi and Shiite than Bushiite...

Will El Presidente ever get his Shiite man? Or will his darling forever evade him in deference to his Shiite family and their conservative pro-Iranian traditions? Don't miss the next episode of the fourth season of this smash-hit, blockbuster (literally), Romantic-Tragedy which airs every day on your local, state and national media (and the internets and their tubes).

More later. Much later.

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