Friday, August 10, 2007

'America Hears the ALARM...Hits Snooze One More Time'

By News Sophisticate

As the "resident in the Oval Office", Congress, and the Iraqi Parliament enjoy vacation together, the 4th Branch remains in DC creating another ill conceived strategy for his next Corporate War. Hear the Drumbeat, America. The neo con drum circle are beating their drums with intensity. Its almost wartime...again...

Co Sponsoring the War of Terror


  1. It seems that, even when the nukes begin to fall, the general population will continue to snooze.

    If the price of gas or beer goes up, THEN they'll notice! Says it all.

  2. Right on, DT...thanks for the repost. I was stopping in to give you a link to a great story, have it "Gaza:Auschwitz of our time". Amazing article.

    If you have not seen the trailer for "MEETING RESISTANCE' stop on by my blog and check it out. I believe the most provocative reporting to come out of Iraq.

  3. Daniel,

    No doubt lol. Nice perspective. Ain't that the sad but laughable truth...


    You bet. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll do.